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200th Endorser of Principles for Digital Development

200th Endorser of Principles for Digital Development

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Welcome the 200th Endorser to the Principles for Digital Development Community!

Principles are nine guidelines designed to help people working on different projects and develop them from a practical and technical side. From the nonprofit view, these guidelines are very important. In many grants, donators want to be sure that you include these steps in your outline. We even describe them in articles on our page.

As you know we collaborate with Principles for Digital Development. We are also one of their endorsers for a few years. Principles community is growing since 2015 when it had 54 endorsing organizations. For years it’s growing and developing, sharing knowledge and encourage others to do the same. In 2018 the community welcomed the 100th endorser and only one year later there is 200. It is a really big success. More and more organizations are interested in implementing these guidelines into their business strategy and projects.

To celebrate this success they asked 199 endorsers to film a short video. It’s an official “hello” and congratulations to the new member. We are also there 🙂 And here you find a part of Principles’ history. Take a look at both.

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