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Month: July 2019

Google Nonprofits, Google Ads, Google Ad Grants, suspended account

Google for Nonprofits: 5 tips for designing a website

Google Ads won’t be enough to gain new customers if your page would look bad or be badly optimized. The website has to encourage and proving your professionalism, it should be customer-friendly and easy to navigate. Look what interesting tips we prepare for you. During waiting for approval from Google Nonprofits here is what you…
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Unicef Poland Embassy of Goodwill SolDevelo Foundation

Unicef works with SolDevelo Foundation

Help others by writing code – SolDevelo Social Impact Foundation supports the Unicef’s project Embassy of Goodwill At the beginning of the year, Unicef Poland has started a new project called Embassy of Goodwill. What is the aim? To use the technology by helping the children in the direst situation. Their work will be supported…
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google ad grants

Google Ad Grants were suspended – now what?

A case study. Google Ad Grants are one of the best ways of promoting your non-profit organization. Just by signing in to this system you are getting the opportunity to use 10.000$ for Search Engine Marketing. Ten thousand dollars! Although using the whole amount becomes an incredibly difficult task – you can’t set the bid…
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Google Nonprofits, Google Ads, Google Ad Grants, suspended account

Google for Nonprofits: Creating an account.

Have you been thinking about promoting on the Internet? See what we have for you and expand with your organization on the next level. Setting up new Google Ads and Google Ad Grants account never was so easy.

how to write tasks

JIRA Tutorial for NGOs. How to write tasks?

We don’t get any financial benefits from creating Jira tutorials. We only offer this program as one of the best project management tools. Nonprofit organizations can apply for Jira for free. In this part of our series of tutorials for non-profits, we want to look at one of the most important parts of using JIRA…
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