A short guide about customer-relationship management.

customer-relationship management

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Customer-relationship management

What is CRM?

With every year non-profit organization are becoming more professional. They are learning the best practices from the commercial world and use them to accomplish their goals. This is also related to all of the technologies used by corporations. NGO can make them work for the betterment of the world around them. Using the software that is was in the past only related to the commercial organizations, can bring incredible results. One of these technologies, that is now used by non-profits around the world is customer-relationship management. Often shortened to the “CRM”. It can change completely, how you are communicating with your audience.

What customer-relationship management software can do for you?

Thanks to customer-relationship management you can do many things. First, you can create databases about people, who are donating to your charity. Why is this important? It will allow you to know them better. Learn valuable information about people around your organization. Thanks to this, your relationship with them can get to a different level. For example, e-mail, that you will write to them, will become more personal and customized. They will speak not to anonymous contact, but to one, very specific person. This will make your donators more connected to your organization. Thanks to this, they could become more charitable to your cause. And come back to you more often.

If you want your fundraising to be effective, you must use all the marketing tools you can get. Don’t be behind the largest foundations and see for yourself, what CRM software can do for you.

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