Add-on for Jira: Multiple Checklist. Functionality that you don’t know


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Atlassian is one of the most famous software tools to manage Agile Projects and Teams. It is used by thousands (or even hundreds of thousands) of teams around the world. It has several basic products/ tools offered in the Atlassian family. One of them is Jira (to manage projects and tasks) and Marketplace, which offers many additional plugins and add-ons to download and expand the program’s functionality.

At Marketplace, you will find a huge amount of different plugins. Vendors are trying to create better and better products, easier to maintain than their competitors and with the most useful options and functionalities for customers. There is a dozen of categories in which you can find really helpful add-ons ready to use.

Plugin to recommend

We only recommend tools that we use, we like them and found that are really helpful and nice. So this is not an advert but only our will to share with you good tools. One of the best plugin and one of the most helpful tool in Jira is Checklist. The full name is Multiple Checklist and you can find it on Marketplace under this link. It’s so helpful and easy to use that we bring to bear it in every task.

You can add several checklists in one task, or you can prepare a template for different type of tasks.

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If you find out that particular tasks in checklist are big enough for a separate task, from the checklist-view you can change it to sub-tasks.

checklist, jira, plugin

At every moment, you can check the checklist history

plugin, add on, jira, checklist

Why you should use Multiple Checklists?

If you don’t know yet why you should download it, let me show you a few arguments:

  • Better organization of work. Multiple Checklists help in organizing work on a particular task
  • Helpful during refinement. If you are working in Scrum or Agile methodology is a well known to you, you know how important is refinement in every team. That plugin will help organize work in a task into smaller portions and track the progress of each points
  • Clear definition of Done. Definition of Done is a list of requirements that needs to be done to close the task, in other words, to recognize it as ended. Checklist make it clear what needs to be done, what was already did and how much work the issue needs. Clear requirements are an important part of transparency, one of the artefacts in agile methodology.
  • Automatically add checklists to new issues. You can even create your own checklist template and include it while creating a new issue.
  • Track checklist progress on Agile board. You don’t have to check every task to analyse the progress and needed amount of time

Watch video and download the plugin here. The vendor offers a 30-day free trial, but if you are a non-profit or open-source organization, you can get it for free.

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