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Google Summer of Code 2021: Final Presentations

Google Summer of Code has ended a few weeks ago. Students have finalized their projects, end writing documentations and summaries after the program. The question is who was the winner and who unfortunately had to face a loss. In the previous article, we have written about Barłomiej who end his whole project, wrote the necessary…
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Connect for Life removes barriers in healthcare

Connect for Life is a program that supports removing barriers between health workers and patients. The project provides access to real-time feedback from a patient directly to healthcare. The program works on mobile devices and information is transmitted by SMS connection. By basic mobile phones, healthcare providers can send messages and make life-saving connections with…
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Why open source is a great way to start your IT career – Based on a true story

Let’s be honest: in today’s professional world, it is often more important what skills you have than what degrees you’ve achieved. Especially in the community of developers, where university education often does not keep up with advancements in technology. That’s why when you want to start a career in IT and you are determined to…
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We’ve made the new website for OpenMRS

Our story with the redesign of the OpenMRS website has been going on for some time. During the 1.5 years of work on their site, we have already written several articles that are updates, information about progress and plans for the future. Now, however, we would like to summarize this period and boast about our…
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GSoC: 10 weeks of coding. That’s The End.

Google Summer of Code has ended. 10 weeks of coding is just behind us and that means time to check who achieve success and fulfil the projects and who unfortunately couldn’t do that. While we’re waiting for the official statement about GSoC, we can review what students write about their projects and how they went.…
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Add-on for Jira: Multiple Checklist. Functionality that you don’t know

Atlassian is one of the most famous software tools to manage Agile Projects and Teams. It is used by thousands (or even hundreds of thousands) of teams around the world. It has several basic products/ tools offered in the Atlassian family. One of them is Jira (to manage projects and tasks) and Marketplace, which offers…
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Add-on for Jira: Worklogs. Must have tool

Atlassian Marketplace offers dozens of add-ons for Jira, the choice is really huge if somebody looks for additional functionalities for Atlassian products. But it’s even bigger in Worklogs plugins. Unfortunately, basic Jira doesn’t have any tool or type of client support to track time and generate reports of working hours. Happily, vendors are filling up…
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Review of Google Summer of Code: 2 weeks to the end

Google Summer of Code is ending and nothing can stop it. Students have only a few weeks to end their projects, close tasks and finalize the commitment. In the previous weeks, they had a lot of problems with the code, there was also some big bugs that have stopped them for a while, but in…
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Plugins for Jira. How to start & What to choose?

How does Atlassian support open-source and non-profit organizations we wrote in previous articles. In these posts you’ll find answers on how to set up an account, are the discounts for non-profits and open sources and how to achieve more using Atlassian products. We tried to gather all the necessary knowledge and data, but if you…
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app discount program

Atlassian App Discount Program

Atlassian except for its famous software like Jira, Bamboo, Confluence, Wiki etc has also its own Marketplace. Marketplace as the name says has products that others can buy. These products are plugins – called Apps. Apps are built by vendors, companies like SolDevelo that use Atlassian products daily, are software houses and want to develop…
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