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Google Summer of Code: reviewing proposals

We’re continuing the Google Summer of Code topic. The registration phase has ended some time ago and in a week we’ll meet students who wrote the best proposals and can take part in the GSOC program in their organization. But just a few words about the previous phase: registration into the program, writing proposals to…
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The most popular project management methodologies

Do you know which Project Management methodology will be the best for you and your team? This is a crucial decision as its influence on your future work and its efficiency. With a well-managed workflow, the Project Management Office (PMO) helps organizations improve their performance, but understanding their organizational priorities is not enough.  For many…
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Last chance to register to Google Summer of Code

Hey, Remember to regsister into Google Summer of Code 2021! This is your chance to gather experience and develop your skills This post is only a reminder for you because today Google is closing the registrations. If you are looking for information about the projects and the whole program read our previous articles about that:

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Write code and Save Lives in Google Summer of Code program

Sign up for Google Summer of Code today! Are you studying programming and want to put your knowledge into practice while doing something important for the global community? Are you wondering what the world of programmers looks like “from the inside”? Or maybe … you have no idea for a vacation, but you want to…
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Google Summer of Code: OpenMRS Projects for students

Google Summer of Code just has opened registration for students who want to take part in the Google Summer of Code program this year. If you are looking for help on how to apply for GSoC and what terms need you to fill up take a look at our previous post about that. I’m sure…
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Google Summer of Code 2021 has opened registration!

Spend the upcoming summer coding with a purpose. You surely have heard of Google Summer of Code, an international annual program in which Google introduces students to open source software development and helps them spend their summer break in a productive way 🙂 . You haven’t? Well, it’s high time to change it! Google Summer…
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How to apply to Google Summer of Code?

Google Summer of Code is a global program focused on introducing students to open-source software development. The program lasts 10 weeks (18 hours per week) while students work on programming projects with an open-source organization. Projects cover a wide range of fields including Cloud, Operating Systems, Graphics, Medicine, Programming Languages, Robotics, Science, Security and many…
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How programmers are changing the world? SolDevelo in action

Take a look at SolDevelo point of view and why they have created Foundation. As an IT company specialising in creating innovative solutions, we never miss a chance to help people through technology. That is mainly the reason why we started the Social Impact Foundation. The company aims at improving the quality of life of…
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Google Summer of Code – the opportunity for students

Google 14 years ago has created a program which was actually an internship for students from the whole world. The internship hasn’t take place in Google but in open-source organizations which have register into the program earlier. The internship every year gathers more and more students but also organizations that create special projects for GSOC…
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Update: Building a website for OpenMRS.

OpenMRS is one of the biggest open-source projects which are doing well and is still unstoppable developing. OpenMRS means open medical record system which is a software for clinics and hospitals to manage clients’ data. Almost a year ago we wrote about starting works on the OpenMRS’ website and here is continue of this story.…
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