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Why open source is a great way to start your IT career – Based on a true story

Let’s be honest: in today’s professional world, it is often more important what skills you have than what degrees you’ve achieved. Especially in the community of developers, where university education often does not keep up with advancements in technology. That’s why when you want to start a career in IT and you are determined to…
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Plugins for Jira. How to start & What to choose?

How does Atlassian support open-source and non-profit organizations we wrote in previous articles. In these posts you’ll find answers on how to set up an account, are the discounts for non-profits and open sources and how to achieve more using Atlassian products. We tried to gather all the necessary knowledge and data, but if you…
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app discount program

Atlassian App Discount Program

Atlassian except for its famous software like Jira, Bamboo, Confluence, Wiki etc has also its own Marketplace. Marketplace as the name says has products that others can buy. These products are plugins – called Apps. Apps are built by vendors, companies like SolDevelo that use Atlassian products daily, are software houses and want to develop…
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Atlassian’s products for non-profit and open-source organizations

Jira Software is a part of a family of products designed to help teams organize their work. Originally, it was designed as a bug and ticket tracking tool. Today, it has developed into a powerful work management tool for all cases.  Depending on your needs you can adjust the software so it suits your needs…
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How to achieve a success in open-source organization?

All of us debate, think, ask how to become a successful in our private and professional life. What is the recipe for the success? How people like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg have achieved such a huge success? How can I do the same? Today we talk with one of the successful…
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The most popular project management methodologies

Do you know which Project Management methodology will be the best for you and your team? This is a crucial decision as its influence on your future work and its efficiency. With a well-managed workflow, the Project Management Office (PMO) helps organizations improve their performance, but understanding their organizational priorities is not enough.  For many…
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How to handle a remote project?

 Well, since pandemic spread around the world nothing is like before. We had to adapt quickly to so many things. Some go well, others don’t. But hey, that’s life. Once you are upon and in next second you are under. Since I work in the Foundation alone more things are harder to handle for me…
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evidence-based management

Innovation in Scrum: Evidence-based Management (part 1)

For how long have you acknowledged Agile and Scrum methods? If you read this article you probably use Agile and Scrum for some time and you are looking for new ways to develop it and improve your work. Am I right? You are doing your best to deliver products at every step but do you…
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Open Source – a New Hope

Open source software is software with source code that everyone can control, modify, and improve. In a broader sense, it is an idea of ​​unlimited access to the software’s source code. The free software movement was started by an American organization called Open Source Initiative, established in 1998. The group, interested in such systems, introduced a…
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How to become a part of an Open Source project?

Contribution to Open Source projects is an awesome experience and can be rewarding. In the post Open Source – A New Hope, we’ve described what exactly are Open Source projects, and what are the benefits of participating in those. Due to the enormous number of projects to choose from and the variety of its sizes and…
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