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design with user, principles for digital development, rules, soldevelo foundation

1st Principle: How to design with a user.

Design with the user is a first from 9 Principles for Digital Development. In the previous post, we describe the story of Principles. Today we want to show the first Principle, steps, tips and efficiency in work. Stay with us 🙂 Principles for Digital Developments are nine guidelines that are designed to help implement best…
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Google Nonprofits, Google Ads, Google Ad Grants, suspended account

Google for Nonprofits: 5 tips for designing a website

Google Ads won’t be enough to gain new customers if your page would look bad or be badly optimized. The website has to encourage and proving your professionalism, it should be customer-friendly and easy to navigate. Look what interesting tips we prepare for you. During waiting for approval from Google Nonprofits here is what you…
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google ad grants

Google Ad Grants were suspended – now what?

A case study. Google Ad Grants are one of the best ways of promoting your non-profit organization. Just by signing in to this system you are getting the opportunity to use 10.000$ for Search Engine Marketing. Ten thousand dollars! Although using the whole amount becomes an incredibly difficult task – you can’t set the bid…
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safety in social media

Safety in social media

Using social media by organizations has become not only a privilege but a necessity. Thanks to them we have direct contact with our audience. Nowadays they can see what we are doing, how we work on a daily basis. They can even comment or show their approval (or dislike) of our actions. New types of…
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customer-relationship management

A short guide about customer-relationship management.

What is CRM? With every year non-profit organization are becoming more professional. They are learning the best practices from the commercial world and use them to accomplish their goals. This is also related to all of the technologies used by corporations. NGO can make them work for the betterment of the world around them. Using…
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mailing platforms

Mailing platforms for non-profit organizations.

What mailing platforms can do for you? Mailing platforms are one of the best tools, that we can use to reach our audience. It’s hard today to even imagine the morning in the work, without checking your e-mail account. Millions of offices are starting their work in the company in a similar fashion. By reading…
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Comparison of cloud storage

Comparison of cloud storage services. Take your data everywhere!

The workplace has changed dramatically over the last couple of years. Thanks to smartphones, we can be more mobile than ever. Us and our office. Cloud storages can keep all of our files and documents, wherever we go. Our workplace now is not only in our office, but it is also everywhere now. Last minute…
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SEO tips for organizations

SEO tips for organizations.

“Google something” is now the most popular way of searching for information on the internet. This is the quickest way of finding what we want in the fastest time possible. Unfortunately, the size of the internet, that is searched by Google, also means the problems for content creators. The message we want to provide to…
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how to create a newsletter

How to create a beautiful newsletter

Thanks to this couple of short and simple rules of design, you will learn how to create a great newsletter. A bulletin is a very effective method to inform your community about your work. Just in one e-mail, they will learn all the latest news and projects of your organization. If you going to send…
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stock photos

Beautiful and free. Stock photos for your organization.

Mountain landscape, dozens of roses, smile of a child – you never know, which photo you going to need in the moment. Below you can find an infographic with websites, that can offer you a free stock photos for your organization. Modern NGOs are creating a lot of content nowadays. Articles on the website, Facebook…
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