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track time at work

JIRA Tutorial for NGOs. Part 6 – Addons for Jira. Track your time at work.

There are many useful applications in the Atlassian Marketplace. Thanks to them, every organization can personalize it’s Jira or Confluence, to own, specific needs. Also, add-ons can make Atlassian software much more intuitive and easier to use. In this part of our tutorial series, we want to present to you one of them. Worklogs, created…
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creating a Wiki page

JIRA Tutorial for NGOs. Part 5 – Simple tricks in Confluence for creating a Wiki page

We all know and love Wikipedia. This is not only one of the best ways to check your information. This is also now one of the most popular formats for knowledge sharing on the internet. And not without reason. You can find the information you need very fast and almost intuitively. Just check the table…
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digital workspace

JIRA Tutorial for NGOs. Part 4 – Confluence and You. Create a digital workspace.

Atlassian offers many tools for successful project management. In the third part of our tutorial, we showed you the most popular of them – Jira. But in many projects, especially for non-profit organizations, there is another software product that is used almost as often. If not even more. We are talking about Confluence, Atlassian tool…
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first steps in Jira

JIRA Tutorial for NGOs. Part 3 – First steps in Jira. Create your project and tasks.

First days with a new software, that you are going to use everyday from now one can be really scary. There are so many options to choose from, settings to change, things to click. Sometimes, when you’ll acquire some bad habits from the start, changing the way you work in the future will be incredibly…
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free software for organization

JIRA Tutorial for NGOs. Part 2 – How to acquire free software for your organization?

Atlassian software is great software if you want to change the way you approach the topic of project management and make you work more efficient and professional. If non-profit organizations want to promote their mission the best way possible, they should use the same tools in their operations, as the biggest corporations. Because they are…
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software for managing projects

JIRA Tutorial for NGOs. Part 1 – How to choose software for managing projects?

This is a first part of the tutorial series presenting how Atlassian products could be used by non-profits organizations from all around the world. Thanks to this software for managing projects they can increase productivity in their organizations and work even more efficient for the betterment of the world. Why Atlassian? Firstly, all of their…
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For the workers – story of Labor Link

The factory of the world South – East Asia and especially China, is often called “The Factory of the World”. In the globalised world, this region was chosen by many companies and corporation as the best place for their factories. It is not a coincidence, there are many factors that make South East Asia ideal…
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Serving African healthcare – OpenLMIS story

Health care systems in Africa still struggle with a variety of challenges that prevent people from getting necessary help and also from increasing chances for wellness in general. Africa is diverse, and so are the medical problems faced by particular regions. A WHO report from 2018 (The state of health in the WHO African Region:…
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