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Switzerland trip

Switzerland trip – Discussing e-health

Our Foundation had its first trip outside the borders of Poland, to Switzerland. We were invited to the Basel by the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute – SwissTPH in short. This s a world-leading institute that focuses on global health, especially for low- and middle-income countries. Swiss TPH combines research, services, and education and…
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healthcare, openimis, universal health coverage, open source

Worldwide cooperation on a path to Universal Health Coverage.

The story of openIMIS openIMIS, just like OpenMRS, is the open-source software for the healthcare system. And, just like OpenMRS, it is created specifically for developing countries. openIMIS manages data by linking together patient, provider and payer. As the open-source tool, it’s free for everyone. Everybody can copy it, modify and distribute the source code.…
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google for nonprofits, keywords, google ads, google ad grants, advert

Google Ads for Nonprofits: Keywords

In every earlier Google Ads Tutorial, we have talked about “Keywords” but we hadn’t explained what exactly it is. Keywords are words or phrases which you can use to match adverts with search words. High-level keywords help you get to the suitable customers at the right time.  As we talk about you can’t use single-word…
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fhir healthcare

FHIR – How data helps healthcare

FHIR – this shortcut can make your tongue roll up pretty good. That is why everybody is calling it something else, that has a much better sound to it – “fire”. But was does hide between those letters? Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources. It’s a next-generation standards framework, that can help a lot of people around…
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openmrs, sync 2.0, soldevelo, community

Power of the community -Improving Sync 2.0

In May we were writing about Open MRS Sync 2.0 as a challenging project we were taking part in. We have an update of this story for you! As a reminder: OpenMRS is a patient-centric medical record application. It records the details of the interactions between health care providers and patients. The software gathers a…
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