Google Ads for Nonprofits: Creating a campaign

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In this step, you decide how much money you would like to spend on each campaign (remember that you have 10 000 dollars so it’s a lot of). You also write the first ads and create keywords thanks to them your ad will be showing. Remember that until nobody will click on your advert or make an action you won’t be charged. You can always pause or remove your promotion post and create another one. Remember that creating a campaign is half of your success. Other half is your website and how it looks. How is it customer-friendly and how is your SEO-rate. Answer for these questions you can find in our previous post.

We want to show you bullets which are important during this process. Look at these points and think about them. These help you and anything won’t surprise you in creating a campaign in real life 🙂

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We suggest you don’t spend more each day than 320 dollars, because 10 000 dollars dividing by 30/31 days is something about 320. We are sure that this is enough money and it surely suffices. 

Audience, Localization 

Select localizations where your add should occur. You can choose between the whole world, your country or even city. Next step is to choose a language in which add will be showing. It’s important because Google system is learning your add and how to optimize them the best. 

Maximum cost per click (CPC)

The higher the maximum cost per click and the more relevant keywords, the often your ad will show. In Google Ad Grants you can’t control it. You can’t compete with commercials because Google has to earn on it. Maximum bid on your ad is 2$ for nonprofits account and it couldn’t be more. 


  • Create curiously and interesting content
  • Match as much as you can your keywords to add
  • Suit your add to a landing page (what customer will see after a click on add)
  • Use a call-to-action text. Tell visitors what they should do – it really works!
  • Put extra prices, promotions or occasions at the top of add. Customers will be curious about what you offer them and then click on an advertisement
  • Remember to capitalize the first letter and follow the rules of spelling and grammar
  • Create different adverts and keywords. Try and experiment what is the best and have the most clicks/conversions

In previous posts, we describe how to set up an account and pass-through Tech Soup license. You can find them here. Feel free to ask us any questions we try to answer them as much as we can. More information you can find on Google help here

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