Gdynia, Al. Zwycięstwa 96/98, Poland

History and values


SolDevelo is the IT company, specialised in creating high quality software and innovative solutions. We were created in 2009 and we are constantly advancing forward. We’ve worked on over 180 projects in 20 localizations all over the world, getting appreciation and trust from our clients.

From the start social good was in our hearts. We want to help make world a better place, using our technical abilities. We’ve cooperated with such foundations like Benetech, Mifos VillageReach or Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. Soldevelo created dozens of various IT projects, aimed at helping people.

We want to elevate our social impact activities on another level. SolDevelo created in 2018 Social Impact Foundation. It’s mission is clear – we want to use our experience for help. This time, also in our home country, Poland.



Technology is our main interest, but we don’t have any delusions about it – it’s only the tool. Great tool, that make our work and everyday life easier, but it can’t change the world by itself.

We need people for that. Only humans, with their creativity, empathy and diligence can make the technology work for the social good.

We want to show human side of the world of IT. Because there is a person behind every data and line of the code.


We know, that only thanks to collaborative work with numerous partners we can make a real change. We believe that we can accomplish the best results when everyone works in their speciality – handling something, that they know best. Thanks to good cooperation and clear communications we can elevate our activities to the whole new level, using our best sides.

IT knowledge and rich experience in creating software for various charities is our strength. Nonprofit organizations on the other hand have the best knowledge about social issues and have the creative ideas how to fix them. Together we can do more.


Complexity is the value we want to reach for with every day of our foundation work. We want for our help to be complete, long-term and most of all – real. If we want this to become truth, we have to look out for every detail of every project.

We believe, that our work system we bring from the IT world, will help us achieve this value very quick. We also know, that social work have it’s own rights. We are patient, we want to learn as much as we can and we can listen to others. Only then our work can be truly efficient.

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