JIRA Tutorial for NGOs. Part 8 – Open Source license. Get Jira for free.

Open Source license

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We don’t get any financial benefits from creating Jira tutorials. We only offer this program as one of the best project management tools. Nonprofit organizations can apply for Jira for free.

Open Source license

Are you part of the open-source community? Do you want to use the time of your volunteers better and more efficiently? Use the same tool, that developers from the biggest companies in the world. Learn, how to get a free open-source license for Atlassian software.

Method for acquiring the license for the Open Source projects is very similar to the one for non-profit organizations. That is why we want to this time show it in more friendly and easy to look at way. Thanks to this infographic, you can quickly see what do you have to do. As you can probably see, this isn’t that complicated and you can get a tool, that will totally change you manage the project, in a very short time.

Why use Open Source License for Jira?

Why use Jira (or other Atlassian software) for your Open Source project? There are a couple of reasons. These tools are very popular among developers. If you want to bring new people to the community, you have to be sure, that they know the software they going to use. Every little hurdle, like forcing them to use something unpopular, can scare them off. Thanks to giving them a familiar environment, they have an easier job with helping to develop your code.

Atlassian tools were primarily designed for the developers, so you know, that they will fit perfectly for your Open Source project. Task management should be very intuitive in Jira. Confluence will allow you to keep all of the documentation in one place. Thanks to this, the community will be able to help you with completing it. Confluence will allow you also to create a wiki for your project.

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