Marcopol: A Multilingual Cataloging System

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In the age of globalization, one of the biggest challenges is still the language barrier. It often prevents us from making use of services that could have been helpful for us, if not for the unfamiliar language all the information is written in. Due to this reason, adding multiple language options on a website or in a catalogue is an important step on the way of many companies’ growth. In this short article we present to you the case study of Marcopol and our input in their development, which was creating a multilingual cataloging system.


Marcopol is a Polish leading producer and supplier of a wide range of high-quality fasteners and fixings for numerous industries (e.g. furniture, construction, electro-mechanical, and automotive). Established in 1985, the company has 12 branches in Poland and 7 abroad, including Lithuania, Estonia, Finland and Russia. The company’s success is based, among others, on advanced technology used in the production.

Cataloging system

We expanded the client’s existing system for cataloging products with the ability to add product information in other languages than Polish. By default, we set English, German, and Russian but we have also enabled adding new languages.

Technologies used

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