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OpenMRS Conference Session: NepalEHR Implementation

OpenMRS Conference Session: NepalEHR Implementation

OpenMRS Implementers Conference is just behind us so it’s high time to highlight one of the most interesting presentations of this year’s Conference. Every year during Implementers Conference is organized a trip to one of the clinics which use OpenMRS software. During that journey members of OpenMRS community could see how such a clinic looks like, how doctors and nurses have to deal with problems which aren’t common in developed countries and how these people lives and for what type of help they could look for there.

Unfortunately, this year such a trip was impossible. However, Implementers from Nepal comes with an idea which is a solution for worlwide epidemy and banned flights. They organizes interviews, show round and find their time to record a video for OpenMRS which could be a type of trip to one of the clinics.

I truly encourage you to watch this short video. It’s really interesting and what’s more important give you a piece of information about people’s live there.

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