OpenMRS Virtual Conference. Day 2 and 3. #OMRS20

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Day 2 and 3 of the great OMRS Conference was ended. OpenMRS Virtual Conference in truth is called 2020 Virtual Implementers Conference. We’re after several great sessions and presentations which brings the community together and allows to show work to others. The community is huge, so on a daily basis, not everybody knows what happens in other teams and squads. It’s a nice occasion to share what teams did last year and what they want to achieve in next.

Presentation at day 2 was about:

One session was especially interesting for me, it was about “UX for Healthcare Providers”. I have an opportunity to listen to people from different countries like Bangladesh, India, Nigeria and a few more about designing UX for their users. As I’m not experienced in UX and don’t have any professional experience I was curious about differences between creating UX for people from West (and Europe) and for the rest of the world (like developing countries). It was quite obvious for talkers to design tools for final users. But this answer doesn’t solve my problem: how developers know what is “clear” and intuitive for people from other cultures. How do developers know which practices use to create good and easy to use a tool? They couldn’t answer me on that question…

That was day 2. Day third’s session was quite different because it was more technical. We talked about:

I have to say that I couldn’t get into a discussion with others because as I said before Wednesday’s presentation were focus more on technical and practical aspects of OpenMRS. But I’m glad I could join them and listen to people who are professionals in that and want to share their knowledge with others. Here you cand find a presentation from that day. It’s about Squad Showcase (very interesting).

On days I should get a record from presentations so I will update this post. Some additional information about this year Conference you can find on OpenMRS’ wiki or on our blog.

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