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OpenMRS Virtual Conference day 4 and 5. #OMRS20

OpenMRS Virtual Conference day 4 and 5. #OMRS20

Two first days was intense. A lot of happened during the first sessions, people just started to open and discuss with each other, but actually, the Conference was ending. At day 4th topics of presentation were focused on problems in OpenMRS. These are the topics:

and in the meantime Photo Session! During the virtual photo session, we had to upload on our Zoom earlier prepared background in colours of OpenMRS’ logo. It was fun because to make the photo more interesting we had to make jazz hands (I think kids also call this ‘stars’). If somebody couldn’t open a camera on a computer, there was an option to take a selfie with OpenMRS logo or colours so it has something in common with other photos.

Day 5th aka Last Day

Every day the Conference was better than in previous day. Organisators during these few days implement a few crucial changes so the virtual form became more friendly. Day 5 was the last one of this year’s Implementers Conference and it was the most emotional. During that day we had presentations like:

Last day was obviously shorter than the previous one but it didn’t stopped nobody to not having fun and gathering knowledge in that last hours.

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