#OMRS21 Internship: New Year, New Edition!


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2020 was full of surprises and twists and turns, a lot was going on, even more talked about, and in the end, it turned out differently. This was also with us, even with the creating an internship at the Foundation.

At the beginning of the year, an idea was born to create an internship at the Foundation that would combine open-source, the IT industry and young ambitious programmers who want to conquer the world. Then the topic died down, we turned to new topics to say a few weeks before the start of the summer that “we are doing it”. In this way, in a few weeks (there is no point in boasting about the short implementation time, as there is a lot to improve in the context of the organization), we prepared the internship, which was the Foundation’s first and completely individual project. About the course, problems, what went, what turned out to be a total flop, and what we judge you well, you can read in a separate summary that was created some time ago, because this post belongs to (we hope) a new, better future and edition #OMRS21 Internships.

What brings #OMRS21?

Lots of emotions for sure. The first edition was particularly exciting for us as the organizers, so we hope that the second will be better in this respect and that the participants will also feel the dose of adrenaline (which we could feel in June last year), but also a hint of competition.

Certainly, the second edition will not differ from the first one in terms of its form. We will still keep the online mode so that participants from all over Poland (but also around the world) will be able to take part in our internship. In the previous edition, we only accept applications from Polish. We don’t know yet if we take the same decisions this year, maybe not. Actually, it depends if we find international sponsors. But for now, we can say that everybody (for now only from Poland) a laik and an expert could take part in the Internship and fight for the prize.

Also, the duration will remain the same (4 months) because everyone can take on other tasks during this time, but also go to work, write a diploma thesis or go home without harm to any of these activities. Unfortunately, such a long period also causes some of the participants to lose their motivation, the eagerness they had at the beginning – when applying for the project. We will try to do something about it and keep as many participants as possible until the end.

We have not yet confirmed the awards, because a lot depends on whether we will cooperate with a company that decides to support us to some extent in the organization of the internship. For sure, the prizes will not be lower than last year (PLN 5,000 for the first 5 people to reach the dev2 level in the OpenMRS community), and we know that for many they were the motivation to apply to our program.

Partners, Sponsors, Cooperations

Last year we didn’t try to look for sponsors, partners or some others organizations which could help us in organizing that work and keeping participants with us. There was too less time to do that and many other things which were so much more important than that topic. But this year we have some materials from last year, we also have some experience and know that we won’t find a partner in one day so it’s high time to do that.

We’re looking for partners who would like to take a challenge and organize with us the #OMRS21 Internship. You can collaborate with us on different fields:

  • By financing the idea
  • By being an organizer with us
  • By involving your time as an expert
  • By supporting our marketing and PR.

We are currently at the stage of talks, looking for a common field and new organizations with which we could cooperate. We’re open to new opportunities so if you want to work with us please contact us via e-mail: kontakt@soldevelofoundation.com.

If we manage to establish any cooperation, we will inform you immediately! So stay tuned.

New experience

Any month and any year in OpenMRS are the same. This unexpectedness of new projects, challenges, problems, bugs and, above all, a community of people from various cultures make OpenMRS impossible to get bored. Every day you can explore a different part of the program and be sure that you won’t run out of lines of code soon. This community feature makes our program full of challenges, twists and people willing to help – just ask for it. You can read how to do it in the interview we conducted at the end of the internship with the winner – Łukasz.

The new year, a new edition

In the new edition, we will try to prepare a few preliminary tasks so that everyone joining the community can do something at the very beginning and read the documentation and the program itself. This will help new participants to get used to the tools available such as Jira, the entire Atlassian, Slack or Talk. We hope that it will also encourage them to find new tasks or create them in order to reach the dev2 level as soon as possible.

Registration to new #OMRS2021 Internships will start at the beginning of June, and the program itself will start on July 1st.
All organizations that want to join forces with us, make a contribution and support us in organizing/conducting an internship – please contact us via the e-mail address: kontakt@soldevelofoundation.org

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