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We would like to publish our blog articles. We’re sure that these help you encourage new customers, develop your organization and improve your marketing & management skills. Stay tuned with our blog page, because we are ambitious and a lot of will happen.

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Thanks to our experience in the field of IT, we know how we can use technology to do good. We helped in creating various pro-social software. Our medical projects are used by over 9 million patients worldwide. The applications we co-created for the benefit of workers from developing countries helped to improve the situation in many factories. Thanks to microfinance software, hundreds of people could get themselves out of poverty.

SolDevelo is an IT company specializing in creating high-quality software and innovative solutions. Over the years, we have created a lot of pro-social projects that have helped people in developing countries. Now we want to take them to a new level.

In 2018, SolDevelo created the Social Impact Foundation. Its purpose is clear – we want to use our experience and knowledge about technology to use them to do good. We connect the IT world with marketing, public relation and community building. We want to add a human factor to the code so that digital projects to help those in need can grow and work for more people.

The company supports various types of technological initiatives whose aim is to help others. In particular, those in need from developing countries. Thanks to the help of projects such as the OpenMRS Electronic Medical DataBase, more people have access to medical care. About our work you can read here: and visit our Facebook

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