Solving The Sync Challenge: OpenMRS Sync 2.0

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Digital health continues to change the way health systems reach communities around the world. However, when internet connectivity is limited or intermittent, health workers do not reap the full benefits of digital tools. This is a barrier that SolDevelo is working to remove. Last year, SolDevelo began working on a new module for the Open Medical Record System (OpenMRS), an open-source medical records platform.

What is an Open-source?

Open Source is an otherwise open content/program or application that does not need permission to use it. Open-source software is a great example of how technology and goodwill can do a lot for people around the world. It is a collaboration of volunteers and specialists that changes reality, created for health, preventing epidemics and improving the quality of treatment in developing countries.

OpenMRS is currently one of the most-used software systems for recording medical records in the world. Currently, OpenMRS is available in nearly 3,000 sites and contains 9 million registered patients.

How does it work?

The system collects details of patient treatment in a single chart that enables healthcare professionals to create treatment plans based on the client’s full medical history. The new module streamlines data synchronization, providing health professionals with manual data synchronization at the headquarters. More predictable synchronization helps prevent medical errors and ensures patient records are updated throughout the system.

Data is a powerful tool. OpenMRS Sync 2.0 builds trust in the timeliness and accuracy of the patient’s electronic medical records. In the face of limited Internet connectivity, healthcare professionals now have a tool that maintains their connectivity and up-to-date documentation. As a result, healthcare systems can now respond faster to epidemics and provide more efficient health services.

You can read more about our involvement in the Sync 2.0 project on the Digital Square website. You can access it from the link below: Also, you can read our other posts here

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