Switzerland trip – Discussing e-health

Switzerland trip

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Our Foundation had its first trip outside the borders of Poland, to Switzerland. We were invited to the Basel by the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute – SwissTPH in short. This s a world-leading institute that focuses on global health, especially for low- and middle-income countries. Swiss TPH combines research, services, and education and training at the local, national and international level. In cooperation with the University of Basel, they aim to improve the health and wellbeing of populations all around the world.

One of the main themes we wanted to support and help through our foundation was always the e-health. Thousands of doctors in developing countries are doing an incredible and amazing job, helping people every day getting back to health. Because of the economic situation of these countries, unfortunately, there is always too little of them, to fully cover the needs of their communities. That is why every minute of their time counts. Supporting e-health means for us helping these doctors save their time, that they could spend on their patients. Electronic Records Systems like OpenMRS are allowing more efficient work of the healthcare systems in the developing countries. This is why this was the first international project we’ve started to work with. But there are many other software projects than can make healthcare around the world better. Another one is openIMIS.

In this article, you can learn more about this incredible project: https://soldevelofoundation.org/worldwide-cooperation-on-a-path-to-universal-health-coverage/

SolDevelo, our founder, started working on openIMIS last year. The company was invited to the main headquarter of SwissTPH – a place, where openIMIS was invented and born. Together with SolDevelo, went our Foundation to see, if we can help this initiative in any way.

The trip took two days. On the first one, we’ve arrived in Basel in the evening and had a little time to ourselves. We used it to see at least a little bit of city and ate a magnificent dinner. Our choice was the Markthalle – Food Hall localized in the Old Market Hall. We could choose from the cuisine from all around the world, at least a dozen different countries. The atmosphere was also incredible. This was a place where people of Basel are gathering to talk and eat together after a long day of work. Here we could relax after the day spent in the air or at the airports, waiting for our flight.

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The next day of the trip to Switzerland was completely devoted to the visit in the SwissTPH headquarter. We were taken on a short trip around the building complex to see how this Swiss organization is working every day to help better the healthcare of the people in the developing countries. After this, we had a little introduction round with all the people that are working on the openIMIS projects. Together we started discussing both the SolDevelo work on the openIMIS and how Foundation can help in other, non-technical ways. We can say that the meeting was very fruitful – we are in constant contact with openIMIS initiative and help each other, for example, by sharing communication about different opportunities that we can apply together or events we can participate in.

After the long day of conversations, we went straight to the airport and back to Poland. We are very excited about the destination that our Foundation is headed into. This trip to Switzerland showed us, that there are many partners around the world with a similar mission to ours. Especially when we know, that project we are participating in, have a real-life impact and help better the health of thousands of patients around the world. 

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