Building a website for OpenMRS: Update.

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OpenMRS is one of the biggest open-source projects which are doing well and is still unstoppable developing. OpenMRS means open medical record system which is a software for clinics and hospitals to manage clients’ data. Almost a year ago we wrote about starting works on the OpenMRS’ website and here is continue of this story.

Retrospection to 2020

It’s a year since we have started working on the design of OpenMRS’ new website as the current one is outdated and not any more modern and friendly to the user. In January 2020 we have started preparing the content which we put on the website. OpenMRS has a lot of information on its many subpages so there were many contents to prepare. You even don’t know how many hours it took us to end it and moved to other tasks like AI and themes. The whole process was made harder by the fact that everybody in OpenMRS is a volunteer and can spend only their free time (after work etc) in the community. We didn’t have many hands to help and what’s more, we were limited by availability.

How I speeded up work?

The answer is quite easy if you have enough free time and you can spend it on additional work. Just take it in your hand as I did. The whole work on a written content took us too long than it should and we even hadn’t started working on chosen themes. I don’t like this type of work. When things go very slowly and you can hardly do anything with it. I prefer when a lot happens and there is a group of engaged people who work on a project to end it in the shortest term. Almost the whole year we were working on written content and I was a little bit unmotivated and irritated. I was thinking about how amazing it could look if only we speed up works. In November 2020 we hadn’t had chosen the WordPress themes on which we would be working. We were in a very deep forest.

The fastest way to speed up the process of changing the OpenMRS website to a new one was by creating a sample of such a website. My boss helped me standing it on a server so everybody could see it and in a future help me at the same time I was able to start working on its new design. If you want you can take a look at how it looks now and compare it with the previous version at the beginning of work. Remember that this is a long process especially when you work with a nonprofit organization so by little steps we’re moving forward to our brand-new website.

How you can contribute?

If you have some time and will you can join me and start working on a new design of this website! Everyone is highly welcome. We meet on biweekly meetings on Wednesday at 10 pm EAT/7 pm UTC/ 2 pm EST/ 11 am PST on The next meeting is on 17th February so don’t miss it!

At the moment we’re working on the design of the home page and subpages so they will be plain. You can join us and start contributing or give us a few ideas/thoughts if you want. I’m waiting for you 🙂

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