OpenMRS Virtual Conference 2020 #OMRS20


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Year to year OpenMRS organizes an annual conference in one of the countries where the program is being used. It was a tradition that every year the whole community meet in one place for a week and spend time together, present sessions, talk on interesting topics and plan future activities. Last year the conference was held in Maputo (Mozambique). The Foundation from the logistics reason couldn’t be there so we planned to go this year but the reality checks our plans…

This year conference is special because it is taken online (virtual). Members can’t integrate together and meet each other as they could in the previous years. But still, it’s better than not organizing the conference this year. People on conferences make a lot of new connections, meet people from other countries who do similar things as they are and can connect and compare their experience. That’s very important to share experiences with others in the community.

The Conference starts on Monday and lasts 5 days, the sessions with presentations start on Tuesday. Because this year conference is virtual it’s also free so everybody who wants can take participate in sessions. You can use this link to connect with others in Zoom. The conference starts at 1 pm on UTC time and there are different presentations for each day! They are really interesting!

For example these are topics for today

On OpenMRS’ site, you can find information about this year’s conference and take look at highlights from the previous years. You can also look on our blog to read things from our side.

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