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Making the world a better place through technology

SolDevelo Social Impact Foundation

Our story

In 2018 SolDevelo – IT company, specialized in creating high-quality software and innovative solutions; created Social Impact Foundation.

Its mission is clear – we want to use our experiences to help people through technology. We are connecting the world of IT with marketing, public relations and community building. We want to put a human aspect into a code, and allow digital development projects to thrive and help even more people in the developing world. 

Partners and initiatives

The main aim of our cooperation with Partners is to change the world for better and especially people’s lives in developing countries. We help them by promoting good solutions in health services, by suppling Electronic Medical Record System to hospitals, clinics in Africa and Asia.  Our programs and applications help thousands of people around the world. All services which we provide to our partners are charitable and out of fees.


We are a proud member of the OpenMRS Community and we are working with them on many different levels. OpenMRS motto is simple and powerful: “Write code. Save lifes”. This Open Source Electronical Medical Records helps over 9 million patients all over the world, especially the most vulnerable ones in developing countries. 

The Principles for Digital Development

The Principles for Digital Development are nine living guidelines that are designed to help integrate best practices into technology-enabled programs for the developing world. They were created in a community-driven effort, the result of many lessons learned through the use of information and communication technologies in development projects.

Pledge 1%

Pledge 1% is a global movement to create a new normal in which giving back is integrated into the DNA of companies of all sizes. Pledge 1% encourages and challenges individuals and companies to Pledge 1% of equity, profit, product, and/or employee time for their communities.

Embassy of Good Will

Embassy of Good Will is a new initative created by UNICEF Poland. It is a platform, that allows Polish businesses to engage in social impact activities and share good ideas. With great pleasure we work with this project, promoting the best digital solutions for developing countries. 

Our projects

Solving e-health challenges – OpenMRS story

Changing the way health systems reach communities around the world

200th Endorser of Principles for Digital Development

Welcome the 200th Endorser to the Principles for Digital Development Community!

Social Work in the OpenMRS community.
#OMRS2020 Internship

Write code and Save Lives in the real life.

Mission of the Foundation

Our mission is very clear: we want to help others help better. Thanks to our experiences with digital development projects and knowledge of the newest technologies, we know how to improve them and make them work for even more people in developing countries. All of our activities and services are dedicated to this mission. We believe this is the most efficient way of helping people: make tools for them, that will be able to improve their lives in a meaningful way. We work with projects that improve their health, financial and social situation. We don’t expect any reward for our help.


We help various technological initiatives, that were created to help others. Especially in developing countries. Thanks to supporting such projects as Electronic Medical Record System “OpenMRS” more people have access to healthcare.



IT knowledge and rich experience in creating software for various charities is our strength. We’ve created a report about the digital capabilities of Polish Non-profit Organizations. We are participating in events, on which we are sharing our knowledge with others. We are creating the educational materials, that are showing how to use technology for good.



We are supporting ideas of Open Source and believe, that thanks to coding it is possible to help global society. Our knowledge of PR and marketing help us bring new developers to digital social projects that help in a real way thousands of people around the world.


Write to us!

Contact us!

We invite you to cooperation! We will answer your every question regarding our Foundation, and, above all, we will be happy to read about you and your organization. We are open to all forms of cooperation. Write and see how we can help each other, and most importantly: the most vulnerable people in the world.



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We are a potential partner for every non-profit organization, who wants to use technology in their works. We are working with NGOs from every area to cooperate on digital projects, that help people around the world.


Every issue does not require separate, new software. We are helping NGOs find themselves between dozens of different apps and choose the best solutions, created specifically for their area of activity and allow them to help others more efficiently.


We know how to help NGOs reach audiences that will make their social impact project grow. Thanks to our marketing and SEO/SEM expertize, digital development projects are scaling-up quicker. That will make them able to help even more people in the developing countries.


Finally, we are helping creating a community around digital social impact project. Managing forum, documentation, Wiki, Social Media, events, etc. – we are seeking new volunteers for digital social impact initatives. Our mission is to make social impact projects as efficient as they can be. And that can only be done with thriving communities around them.

Latest News

Here are the latest news from our foundation, as well as some interesting articles about technologies and activites of non-profit organizations around the world.

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Our founder

The founder of our foundation is Soldevelo. Please visit the company’s website, if you are interested in their story and services:

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