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Your content might be great and its certainly is. But in the digital world even the greatest of content can be proven helpless without proper advertising. Algorithms are merciless and won’t recognize you until you play by their rules. Don’t fall prey to them. 

Instead, become a hunter yourself

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Google Ads

We can create an account for you and manage it. If you wish, we can also create ads to your pages and blog posts or fix the existing ones. We’ll make sure that your ads comply with Google Ads policy and effectively generate clicks.

Google Analytics 4

In July 2023 current Universal Analytics will be fully replaced by Google Analytics 4. The data won’t be transferred to the new service. That’s why it’s important to configure your GA4 as soon as possible and already start gathering your data there. 

We can create and manage a GA4 account for you, and set up the service, making sure that everything works just fine.


If you want to be truly successful on the Internet, you need to take care not only of paid search ads, but also of organic search.  The algorithm works by certain rules that need to be followed in order for your content to be visible in search engines.

We can adjust your content to these rules and make sure that it’s easily searchable.

Social Media Ads

Tired of not being noticed online? Maybe it’s time to step up your game with Social Media Ads. Reach your audience more effectively by promoting your posts on social media platforms of your choice.

We can create these Ads for you and make sure that they look great and work great.

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Performance Marketing is just one of many trees that we can grow from a seed for you. Discover the whole forest of possibilities by exploring our other services.

Why choose us

ambitious team

We are a young and ambitious team that likes to address different kinds of challenges.

Individual Approach

We believe in the importance of an individual care provided to the client. Each one of you is special and needs an agile approach.

we value partnership

You and your satisfaction are our priorities, and to reach them we rely on honesty and partnership in our relations.

full transparency

Real honesty is a foundation, so you can count on our full transparency in activities.

Benefits of performance

Increased effectiveness with reaching targeted audience

Get more orders and more leads by reaching the right audience.

Recognition in the industry

Stay competitive, thanks to good positioning.

A possibility to create custom reports

This allows you to analyse data that is of particular interest to you.

Your first step to change the world

Business Proposal

If you are interested in collaboration with us, our Business Proposal can be helpful for you.

In the PDF you will find all needed informations in a nutshell.

We solve real problems

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GA4 for OpenMRS
Google Analytics
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GA4 for SolDevelo
Google Analytics
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