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The future of cloud hosting is up in the clouds. Applications and websites hosted in a cloud are working fast and seamlessly, combining the resources of many servers, and not relying on the capacities of a single one. Just like separate droplets of water create a cloud, these servers all come together to create a one cohesive thing. 

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Cloud hosting of OpenMRS – the biggest and most developed open-source Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system.

Our service includes advisory, implementation, cloud hosting, maintenance and support. EMRSCloud is a solution dedicated mainly to health care facilities in developing countries that wish to digitize their medical records and improve the efficiency of their work to help more patients.


Cloud hosting of best open-source supply chain management tools. Currently we’re hosting OpenBoxes.

Our service includes advisory, implementation, cloud hosting, maintenance and support. Bloxmis is dedicated to all kind of businesses and organizations that wish to enhance their supply chain management with reliable and flexible software solution.

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GA4 for SolDevelo
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OpenMRS website
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EMRSCloud website
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OpenMRS in GSoC 2021
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