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Analysis and Assessment

We examine your current social media presence and activity, analyzing the type of content that you’re posting, its form and effectiveness. You are provided with detailed assessment of your accounts’ performance. 

If you don’t have any social media accounts yet, we offer advice on which ones of them would be the most suitable for your organization.

Individual Social Media Strategy

Based on the outcomes of our assessment, as well as your goals and expectations, we prepare an individual digital strategy.

It includes profiles of your target audience, recommended types and forms of content for different platforms, content marketing plan, frequency of posting, and competition analysis.

Posts for Chosen Platforms

Each social media platform is different. And each one of them is full of potential. 

We help our clients use this potential by creating posts adjusted to the characteristics of specific portals. Depending on your requirements, we can prepare posts based on materials provided by your organization, or gather them by ourselves.

Accounts Management

Not everyone has time to promote on social media, nor is everyone familiar with different platforms’ mechanics. If that’s case for you, we can take over the management of your accounts.

For the clients who wish to start their journey with social media, we can provide a complex set up service that includes creating accounts on chosen platforms, preparing the visuals for the new profiles, crafting profiles’ descriptions and any other written content.

Regular Reports

We provide our clients with regular social media reports, transparently showcasing the effects of our work, as well as pointing out places where there is still a room for improvement.

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