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Our key services

Custom Web Design

We create a professional website on the WordPress using only the best templates which will be easy to modernize for you later

Website Management

If you don't have knowledge, time or just want to rely on professionals, we can manage the website for you

Google Ads

We fill up a form for Google for Nonprofits account, set up the account and create first campaigns

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Custom Web Design

We’re building websites on the most popular CMS services. For our websites we use WordPress which is one of the most popular platform for building website.

System oferuje tysiące motywów, dzięki którym można w łatwy i szybki sposób zaprojektować własną stronę. Ponadto dostępne są także wtyczki rozwijające funkcjonalność motywu, wspierające działania SEO czy dbające o bezpieczeństwo strony przed hakerami.

Why you should have a proffesional website?

Websites build a first contact with potential clients. They’re presentations and encouragement to learn about products or services of a company.

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Easy to maintain

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Website Management

If you don’t have knowledge, time or just want to rely on professionals we can manage the website for you

Google Ads

Google Ads is a platform where you can create adverts, campaigns and promote your products, posts and whatever you want. The biggest companies spend a lot of money promoting themselves using Google Ads.

Google runs a subscription for other non-profit organizations called Google for Non-profits. Advantages of taking part in that program are huge, but what is more important, you can get $10,000 for adverts totally for free. What you have to do is apply for Google for Non-profits account and Google Grants which give you access to Google Ads account.

We can help you fill up forms and put all necessary documents, so you don’t need to worry about that. Also, we create first campaigns and adverts based on what you want to achieve and guide you thru all of that.

Our Projects

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OpenMRS is an open-source organization that maintains a platform that countries and implementers use to create a customized EMR system in response to actual needs on the ground.

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