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A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Success

Create a better world

Our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. We support non-profit initiatives of any kind, providing complex professional digital assistance. We think that by combining the possibilities of technology with the gentleness of a human heart, any goal is reachable. Our services will make your visions come to reality. 

EMRS Cloud

Cloud Hosting of Medical Record Systems

EMRSCloud is a platform created to share OpenMRS with even more people, by hosting it on a safe and stable server with fast internet connection.


Diagnosing and solving problems with wide range of help

Finding the best tool, solution or just the method isn’t an easy job. But we can support you in that process and offer our experience and knowledge. 

Web Design​

Innovative and Responsive Website

We build websites in WordPress, it is an free open-source CMS platform. Our websites are responsive, modern and tailored to our clients’ needs. 

Well designed websites are easy to maintain, allow making changes quickly, have clear design and respond immediately. Ours have all of the above and much more.

Project Management

Leading Agile Projects, Jira Plugins

Agile methods can be implemented in every project, also non-tech ones. We have experience in leading different projects using agile methodologies. And we can provide full project management care or advice

Content Marketing​

Services, Products, Projects Promotion

Preparing a marketing campaign is a huge venture.  Promotion materials, strategy, graphics and the rest of the content for each of the communication platforms. Will you handle it alone or can we help you with that?

Digital Strategy

Individual strategy plan based on digital marketing

Strategy is an important part of setting goals and achieving them. How will you plan to reach each of these milestones? 

Social Media​​

Professional management of social media accounts

To run social media accounts, you need to be consistent. Otherwise, there will be no results. Also, not everyone can feel the vibe of each and every platform. Luckily, we do, so let us run it for you!


Website Optimization according to SEM

Let your website perform better in search engines.

Google Ads &
Google Analytics 4

Publish adverts that promote you on the Internet and analyze traffic on your website

Adverts on Google Ads are actually paid PPC (pay per click) which is a part of SEM actions. 

For your website to meet your company’s business objectives, you need a properly configured account that makes it easier for you to analyze the data on your website.


Discover more opportunities for your project

Well prepared research is not an easy part but very important if you want to have a well-written report, article, proposal or you just need information for your company’s activity.

We are the Power

We're a non-Profit!

Every small act of kindness is like a ripple on the water. Together we can cause a powerful wave of change. It’s our mission to help those in need. We’re honored to be a part of their story!

Best Practices

We're agile!

You can’t change the world without changing yourself. Our eyes and minds are constantly open to new challenges and new solutions. Communication is what makes us grow and reach for success.

Just imagine if...

We're tech-savvy!

Technology is our language of love. We believe that by using our knowledge, skills and experience we can express our dreams and hopes for the world that we live in. Our care for the future inspires us to always search for new solutions.

We Have Great Answers

Ask Us Anything

There’s nothing easier. You can just hit us up via e-mail or any of our accounts on social media. We’ll answer as fast as possible.

No, you don’t have to. You should be on the most popular social media platforms in your industry and there offer a quality content for your visitors there.

In SEO, the score is calculated based on several factors, one of which is, of course, quality content. A website with high-quality content is easier to maintain.

Yes, we are ready to be by your side during the whole realization of your project. Thanks to the wide range of services we are able to help you on many grounds.

Agile helps us do our work quicker and much more effective. We can more easily adapt to new situations and always be on time. We’re working with Scrum and it fits perfectly with us.

Information about our current recruitments are posted on our website and social media. For now we have a small team, but with time maybe we’ll be looking for new faces. As you know, development overall is one of our team missions. If you are looking for a job in IT take a look at soldevelo.com/careers

Currently no. We are focusing our attention on Google Summer of Code in which we are serve as admins. If you’re looking for something similar to an internship, you can read a couple of articles about this program on our blog and take part in the next edition of GSoC.

We haven’t got one answer to this question. Sometimes it’s just kind words from our followers, community or partners, sometimes each other’s influences or just a thought about improving someone else’s life. Small acts of kindness, vast ocean of change.