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Our explanatory services

Technology consultation and cooperation

We specialize in cooperation, consultations, social impact marketing and building community. We're a potential partner for every non-profit organization who wants to use technology in their works. Furthermore, we're cooperating with NGOs from every area on digital projects that help people around the world. In our job, we're also helping NGOs find themselves between dozens of different apps and choose the best solutions. We know how to help NGOs reach audiences that will make their social impact project grow. Thanks to our marketing and SEO/SEM expertize, digital development projects are scaling-up quicker. Finally, we are helping create a community around digital social impact project. Managing forum, documentation, Wiki, Social Media, events, etc. – we are seeking new volunteers for digital social impact initiatives. Our mission is to make social impact projects as efficient as they can be. And that can only be done with thriving communities around them.

There can be a lot of solutions for each of the problems but only a few will fit a given problem. That's our job, to find these best of the best solutions and implement them. Below are 3 examples of solutions for the most common problems:

Custom Web Design

Does your NGO need a custom website? Does it help you reach more clients, donators and volunteers?
We can make it for You!

Website Management

Do you have a problem with managing a website, posting blog posts regularly, or your current website is out-dated, and it needs some refreshment?
We can help You with that!

Google Ads

Does your organization know how to build a successful marketing campaign, so more people will know about Your initiative?
Do you need help with that?

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Custom Web Design

We’re building websites on the most popular CMS services. For our websites we use WordPress which is one of the most popular platform for building website.

The system offers thousands of themes, thanks to which you can easily and quickly design your own website. In addition, there are also plugins that develop the functionality of the theme, support SEO activities or ensure the website’s security against hackers.

Why you should have a proffesional website?

A professional website is primarily a convenience for you and your clients. A website is not only a showcase of a company, organization or brand. It is more than a short brief of the company’s services or a product description. It’s about designing a sales path from the beginning to the end, taking care of the customers at every stage and carefully keeping them on the website for as long as possible.

Quick changes

Easy to maintain

Clear design


Quick response

Website Management

Having a website is not the end of work with it. Well-build website is easy to maintain if only you do updates regularly. Sometimes also server needs some upgrades, and you have to do it quickly to keep the whole site in the best condition. If you don’t have knowledge, time or just want to rely on professionals, we can manage the website for you. Depending on your needs we can maintain your website, update it and do the necessary upgrades. Everything you need to have the site on the highest level.

Google Ads

Google Ads is a platform where you can create adverts, campaigns and promote your products, posts and whatever you want. The biggest companies spend a lot of money promoting themselves using Google Ads.

Google runs a subscription for other non-profit organizations called Google for Non-profits. Advantages of taking part in that program are huge, but what is more important, you can get $10,000 for adverts totally for free. What you have to do is apply for Google for Non-profits account and Google Grants which give you access to Google Ads account.

We can help you fill up forms and put all necessary documents, so you don’t need to worry about that. Also, we create first campaigns and adverts based on what you want to achieve and guide you thru all of that.

Our Projects

We have designed and built from start to finish a website for one of the largest open-source programs that provides free medical software to hospitals and clinics in countries around the world.

The big challenge of this project was to reduce the content that was on the previous page, and at the same time to keep only the most important messages of value and a “signpost” for new members of the community or people who want to use their product.

Due to the large scale of the project and limited time possibilities, the community project is in progress and the website is systematically expanded with new pages.

OpenMRS is an open-source organization that maintains a platform that countries and implementers use to create a customized EMR system in response to actual needs on the ground.

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