About Us

behind the scenes at SolDevelo Foundation

We Are Open

We are trying to show how big of an influence technology can have on our developing world.

As a young team we are continually growing and learning new things each day thanks to our work. And by that we are trying to have our heads open for new opportunities and innovative solutions to your problems.

We are the Change

If we want to change the world, we must be the change too. To stick to that premise we are focusing on projects and activities which have a feasible impact. It’s important for us to support only valuable organizations, because together we can help people all over the world. Starting from your project.

How we can support you in the process of social impact development? Find out on the next page!

We Stop At Nothing

We don’t know what giving up is. We will try hard as much as possible to make your vision successful.

We love to explore

Searching for new solutions and innovative ways is our stimulus. By doing that we grow and never get bored while working with you.

we take it step-by-step

We are ambitious and want to have a big impact, but at the same time we are patient. We will be taking small steps to create an empire. We will walk with you through it all.

we keep it simple

No matter what, we keep positive vibes with our partners and share smiles. We will take care of you and ensure a good atmosphere while collaborating.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

Make The world a better Place through Technology

Thanks to our experiences with digital development, projects and knowledge of the newest technologies, we know how to improve standard tools and make them perfectly suited to people in developing countries. 

All of our activities and services are helping others to service better. We believe that it is the most efficient way of helping people: to make tools for them, that will be able to enhance their lives in a meaningful way. We work with projects that improve the health, financial and social situation.

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Meet Our Partners

we work With Them

The main aim of our cooperation with Partners is to change the world for better and especially people’s lives in developing countries. We help them by promoting good solutions in health services, by suppling Electronic Medical Record Systems to hospitals, clinics in Africa and Asia. Our programs and applications help thousands of people around the world. All services which we provide to our partners are charitable and out of fees.


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