Spectrum of
a Project


Our Goal

Creating a responsive website for our new service called bloxmis – a cloud hosting of supply chain management tools. The website was supposed to be modern, easy to browse, and meet the requirements of our Product Owner.



Our biggest challenge was an ongoing holiday season, which decreased the size of our team (by ⅓). We had to finish our whole project on time, despite working in an incomplete team. And, as we all know, one of the toughest fights is the one carried out against time.

Our strategy

  1. Coming up with a catchy name for our service.
  2. Designing a logo.
  3. Setting up the website.
  4. Choosing the template to work with.
  5. Creating the project: deciding on colors, themes, fonts.
  6. Designing the materials: graphics, icons, written content.
  7. Building the website.
  8. Consulting with third party designers, to make sure that we did not overlook any flaws in our project.

The Case

The first phase of our work contained research on what colors, patterns and solutions are currently in trends. We also investigated the topic of crucial elements that should be present on our website. To make sure our design is relevant and attractive to the customers, we checked what solutions our competitors chose, and what we can do to show our product more effectively than they did. We based our decisions on the results of our research, as well as the requirements of our Product Owner. We invested our efforts in the attractiveness of our design, and took care of the simple customer journey.

Already knowing what we are looking for, we started to gather materials that would be used in our project. Photos, graphics, icons, font styles, etc. To make sure that the website is easy to navigate and well-prepared for potential customers, we equipped it with clear and simple contact forms, as well as call-to-action buttons. We have also put a lot of thought and effort into one of the most important pages – pricing plans. In a clear, transparent and detailed manner it describes what the client pays for.

The designing part was the most pleasant one for us. Being creative individuals, we love to use our imagination and make our ideas come to life. It is a source of great satisfaction to watch the empty template gradually get filled with colors, words, images. This inspiring and truly magical process is what motivates us to engage in such projects.

The Effect

We have successfully created a modern, aesthetically pleasing, fully functional website that aligns with current design trends and takes care of the customer through their whole journey. Visit bloxmis website and check the effects yourself!