EMRSCloud website

Spectrum of
a Project


Our Goal

Creating a website for our OpenMRS cloud hosting service – EMRSCloud.



Choosing the best OpenMRS functionalities and showcasing them in an attractive way. Gathering materials to write case studies that would show real examples of how OpenMRS is helping people. Establishing a smooth workflow between Foundation and SolDevelo.

Our strategy

  1. Developing the website’s architecture, choosing main colors and the template.
  2. Creating content for the website: our offer, descriptions of modules, functionalities, OpenMRS benefits, cloud hosting benefits.
  3. Creating a logo for EMRSCloud.
  4. Writing and publishing case studies about OpenMRS on our new website.
  5. Creating a series of tutorials about EMR systems and cloud hosting, to help people understand the value of this solution.
  6. Adding CTA buttons to the website.
  7. Establishing cooperation with a Product Owner, for a smoother workflow.

The Case

Together with SolDevelo we had a shared vision – what if every health facility in developing countries had easy access to an Electronic Medical Record system? How much would it help medical workers with their tasks, allowing them to provide better care to their patients? In what way can we contribute to this vision and make it possible?

After lively brainstorms and discussions we came up with an idea – cloud hosting of OpenMRS! It is a solution that is based on the open-source Electronic Medical Record system, but makes it more available for facilities with limited resources.

To make our idea come to life, we have decided to combine the marketing skills of Foundation with the technical experience of SolDevelo’s developers, and create a new service – EMRSCloud, where we would offer cloud hosting of OpenMRS, along with full implementation support.

The challenge on our side was to create a website. We have started by listing and describing OpenMRS’ modules, as well as the benefits that come from using the system. We have also gathered information on the real life use cases of OpenMRS, and wrote 4 case studies that show its helpfulness in multiple different situations. These tasks were not as easy as it might seem, because the OpenMRS Community is a large and very active one. There are multiple features and modules, so to select and describe only some of them was a tough thing to do. However, too much information on the website would be overwhelming for our potential clients, so we have made our choices carefully, to show how versatile and useful EMRSCloud is.

As for the design, we choose to use bright, clean colors associated with medical services. Our goal was to create a simple, clear and functional website. After deciding on the structure and template, we filled the website with our newly written content. We have created a beautiful logo to represent our service. To make it even easier for our clients, we added CTA buttons that allow quick contact with us.

We have successfully finished and published our EMRSCloud website, and made our service available to all the new clients. However, after some time we encountered a series of issues regarding the workflow between Foundation and SolDevelo. To fix this problem, and provide our clients with high-quality service, we established cooperation with a Product Owner, who is responsible for organizing both sides of the project – marketing services and technical support.

The Effect

We are proud of the outcome of our work. EMRSCloud is an initiative born out of passion to help others. We hope that it will be useful to many health workers out there, assisting them in their mission of saving people’s lives.