GA4 for SolDevelo

SolDevelo is a software house with over 10 years of experience in the field, actively engaged in both commercial and non-profit projects. They specialize in creating and developing high-quality products to solve problems of the modern world. Their mission is to use their skills and experience to build a digital future

Spectrum of a Project


Our Goal

Configuring Google Analytics 4 for more accurate website data analysis and relevant marketing activities.



Real-time reports did not track data properly. The source code for some of the services lacked tags that needed to be installed in order for Google Analytics 4 to work.

Our strategy

  1. Connecting the already existing Universal Analytics with the new Google Analytics 4.
  2. Creating an account in Google Tag Manager.
  3. Creating a tag for the website.
  4. Implementing the code of the tag into the source code of the website.
  5. Updating the code that is responsible for GA4’s instance in the WordPress plug-in, allowing the data to be transferred between two devices.
  6. Checking in the GA4 if the data is being transferred.

The Case

SolDevelo needed their Google Analytics 4 to be properly configured, and wished for it to be done as soon as possible. Being a commercial company requires conducting constant data analysis in order to make sure you are walking towards success, and not the exact opposite way. According to Google’s statement, data that up to this point have been collected in Universal Analytics, will not be transferred to the new Google Analytics 4. What it means for the users, is that once the UA is switched off, all of its data will disappear. Due to that reason, it is recommended to configure Google Analytics 4 as soon as possible, and give the new tool some time to collect data. Doing this, you can avoid a situation where you are left with no data at all, and have nothing to base your future strategies on. As they say – better safe than sorry!

Our team rolled up their sleeves and got to work. We needed to face a few challenges, such as unwillingly working services, laborious process of implementing the Google Tag Manager code into particular pages, and multiple tests to check if everything works well and the data is being collected properly.

The whole process of configuration took a few pretty intense hours of work, but the effects of our effort will bring real satisfaction to both our team and our client, and will make SolDevelo’s future data analysis operations much easier.


On the 1st of July 2023, Universal Analytics will be shut down, and fully replaced by Google Analytics 4. The creators of both services recommend preparing for this change and configuring GA4 as soon as possible, in order to start collecting data, and smoothly transfer to the new analytics platform without any additional losses.