The Best Atlassian Products For Non-profit Organizations

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Jira Software is a part of a family of Atlassian products designed to help teams organize their work. Originally, it was designed as a bug and ticket tracking tool.

Today, it has developed into a powerful work management tool for all cases. 

Depending on your needs you can adjust the software so it suits your needs and any type of project. Teams can start with a project template or create their own workflow. Jira tickets, also known as tasks, allow you to track each item as it passes through the workflow steps.  With all project information in mind, reports can be generated to track progress, performance, and workflow.

In Jira Software, teams also can create a schedule associated with each project. The schedule enables teams to define the long-term scope of work, as well as track and share its progress. That’s not all that Jira can do and how it can help you, more you can find on their website  under that link:

Free plan for small teams

Atlassian offers a free plan for teams and squads of up to 10 users. Using a free plan you can enjoy the products listed below:

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How to get started? – Find here –

If you are a non-profit organization but your team number is above 10 try the Atlassian Community License.

Atlassian Community License

If you are a charitable non-profit organization Atlassian (owner of products like Jira, Trello etc) offers a 75% discount for Atlassian’s cloud products. That discount also includes paid-via-Atlassian apps from the Atlassian Marketplace. Moreover, Atlassian Data Center products and Atlassian-built Data Center apps are free for use by qualifying non-profit charitable organizations. On that page, you can apply for Atlassian Community License Application –

If you wonder what is the difference between Data Center and Cloud offer that page helps you – and 

Atlassian Open Source Cloud Subscription

Atlassian not only supports non-profit organizations but it truly engages in helping open-source communities. In fact, their software actually operates many open-source components. Because of that, Atlassian offers server and cloud products for free to the Open Source community. They call it “a way of giving back to the community” which is a nice reward for those who are working on open source projects. 

To use Atlassian products for free, your open-source project must full these requirements:

  • The project is licensed under a license approved by the Open Source Initiative.
  • The project source code is available for download.
  • Your open source project has a publicly accessible website.
  • Atlassian’s software is accessible to the public.

Before you apply for the open-source subscription, check a few more things:

  • If you’ve not done so already, create a cloud site with your preferred Atlassian product(s). You’ll need the site URL in the application below.
  • Set up public access to each cloud site.
  • Once all cloud sites, your website, and source repositories are publicly accessible, complete the form.

The form for open-source organizations you’ll find here –

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Free Trials

Atlassian offers fully functional trials for their cloud products and services. Cloud Standard can be trialled for 14 days, and Cloud Premium/Cloud Enterprise can be trialled for 30 days. When your trial expires, you can continue using the product by adding a credit card to If you choose to not add a credit card at the end of your 14-day Standard trial, your site will automatically be downgraded to a Cloud Free plan. Also, there is an option to trial Data Center products for 30 days, but remember, that option is free for Atlassian Community License owners. 

Marketplace Apps can be trailed for 30 days but from the same account as cloud site admin or Data Center Atlassian Administrator. 

If you are interested in Atlassian, Jira and other products check out our category with tutorials and tips how to use that tool the most effective.

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