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OpenMRS Annual Conference started on Monday, 29th of November with first presentations and showcases. On that day, hosts had planned Intro for Unconference Session, Voting for the Best Topics for Unconference Session and at the end of the day Lighting Talk where SolDevelo and Johnson & Johnson were to talk about their project – Connect for Life.

Unfortunately, session about OpenMRS 3.x has taken too much time and we haven’t had enough time to present on Monday. But, nothing is lost. Lighting Talk session was postpone to Tuesday with enough buffer of time.

We presented as a first, luckily Paweł has prepared himself excellent so everything went smooth and well. It was seen he practised for so long and perfectly match the time because they strictly keep the time and nobody could exceed his/her 5 minutes.

We hadn’t much time to gather feedback from the community, their opinions about the program and whole initiative, but we got a few questions on the chat so later we could came back and answer on them. One of the most interesting question was from John and here it is with Pawel’s answer.

Unconference Session

On Monday there was also a preparation to unconference session. Our goal was to apply and present the topic we wanted to raise in the best possible way, which was Connect for Life and the individual functionalities of the program. Every year, participants submit interesting proposals, so it was also this time. We had a lot of competition from very good projects and each of them could have won. I will not say, but we were stressed about how the community would accept our idea and the product, but probably their feelings were good since we took first place in the vote, thus having some promotion to the right session. Hurray!

There were 3 to 4 topics to choose from during each unconference session. Each participant can choose the most interesting topic, migrate during the session or simply wait in the main room for the rest of the group. In the same time as our session was also 3 other sessions:

1. COVID Package: Vaccinations, Digital Vaccine Certifications, Integrations

Session Facilitators:

  • Ellen Ball
  • Andy Kanter
  • Agbons Oaiya
  • Jan Flowers

Notes Page: COVID Package

2. OpenMRS & OpenHIE: FHIR Roadmap, FHIR IGs, & QA

About the session:

  1. FHIR Roadmap and Partnership with OpenHIE
  2. QA and FHIR IGs – testing OMRS interoperability

Session Moderator:

  • Jan Flowers

Notes page: 

3. OMRS Evaluation

Session Moderator:

  • Beth Dunbar
  • Hamish Fraser
  • Debbie Munson

Notes Page: Session 8: OMRS Evaluation

Each of the session was recorded, while the hosts are gathering records from each group you can listen our presentation:

To find out more about OpenMRS Conferences you can look here.

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