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Stock photos

Mountain landscape, dozens of roses, smile of a child – you never know, which photo you going to need in the moment. Below you can find an infographic with websites, that can offer you a free stock photos for your organization.

Modern NGOs are creating a lot of content nowadays. Articles on the website, Facebook posts, printed materials are just some of the examples. But just plain text just won’t work anymore. Especially in competition with hundreds of ads, that are spamming our view every day. That is why it is good to add some visuals, that will bait eyes of the people to your message. To do that, you need a good photo.

Remember to change from time to time the website with stock photos, that you are using. Thanks to this, your content will be fresh and creative every time. It is also worth noting, that good illustration is just a beginning. It is totally up to you, how you going to use it. In what context, with what font or filter. Even the smallest detail can change the message. Adding a unique, personal twist to the stock picture will profit your content incredibly.

Customize your content

Our tip for customizing the content is using the Canva. This is also the site, where we created this infographic. Thanks to it, you can create a unique graphic for your needs in matters of minutes. And all of this without the need of specialized knowledge or paying for expensive software. Photoshop of course give you a lot more freedom. But Canva can make your content aestheticly pleasing by a couple of clicks. Also: all of the non-profit organizations can get a premium version for free.

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