Get to know 9 Principles for Digital Development

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Principles for Digital Development is a project with 9 rules that are good to follow in business and private life. Principles for Digital Development is our partner during worldwide projects. We use their rules and want to share and promote them on a bigger scale.

Process of creating Principles

Almost 20 years ago some people had started thinking about challenges and good technics in digital development projects. Year to year more and more people talk about it and tried to express these. 10 years ago the Unicef as a first formulated innovative principles. Later mHealth donors created the Greentree Principles. It was a group work of practitioners and scientists in digital development. 

Next was the UK Government, in 2012 had formulated its Design Principles. It was the first form of today’s principles. In 2014, 9 times during a year, implementers and developing practitioners, donors and main heads from digital development society had met to discuss each of 9 principles in depth. Their aim was to generate recommendations for an application of the principles. Later many additional articles to Principles were formed. Principles are living their own lives and are developing, upgrading and imaging adjust to the situation and problem.


These 9 rules are simple and you think that everybody knows them (maybe you are true), but not everybody (even not most of us) uses them. It’s important to implement these in your workspace. It helps you in getting new customers and be open to new solutions and offers. Use tag #digitalprinciples to link actions with Principles.

During our series of articles about Principles we want to show you them with studies on how we implement there, what problems we have and how using it changes our lives and work. In a future post, we will describe one by one, step by step each principle. So take a sigh on what we are going to talk about:

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In next weeks we will post articles about each of 9 Principles. You can start observing us on Facebook and LinkedIn. In an earlier post, we were talking about Principles for Digital Development you can read it here

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