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Policy Compliance Guide for Ads account

Difference between Google Ads for commercial and Google Ads for nonprofits (Google Ad Grants) isn’t many. But they are very important and you have to follow them. If you don’t create content compatible with this requirements Google may block you. Then you couldn’t post, create adds and everything until you correct and repair your adds. So watch out it may cost you a lot. There are not many rules and they aren’t hard to adapt. Read our ads guide and avoid mistakes.

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1. Don’t use single-word keywords

Only your own brand name, medical terms, and a few single word exceptions are approved. If you don’t want to search through single-words use a filter. The only commercial can use single-word keywords, but they also pay for it 🙂 Even if you use this, Google during checking your ad will block it and tell you to remove this from your ad.

2. Don’t use generic keywords

Try to maximum specify your keywords and don’t use overly generic words because they will be blocked. Keywords should fit into your text and be as much close topic as they can be. Generic words also won’t say many about your text and it can be less popular than it can be.

3. Use words with a high-quality score

Non-permitted words have low quality and should be paused or removed by you or automatically by the system. Try to use words which were in your post so the rate of your interactions will be higher because people will find on your site exactly what they are looking for.

4. Get the CTR (click-through rate) above 5%

Accounts using Ad Grants must have CTR more than 5% per month to their account will be active and adverts showing. CTR shows you how your ads respond to needs your customers and people who should see your advert. Create more interesting content to get higher CTR.

5. Create a minimum of 2 adverts per ad group 

Create at least 2 ads per ad group and optimize them to get better CTR. Use individual features as keywords, search term, customer group, location, device and many more. Google also learns your adds so give him the tools to work for your success.

6. Create a minimum of 2 ad groups per campaign

You can test and try different keywords, but your task is to optimize them strictly to ads and destination landing pages. Search Terms helps you to choose the best words for your campaigns.

7. Create a minimum of 2 sitelinks and extensions

Sitelinks are under your ad and visitor can click on them in search of answers or interesting topics. Sitelinks are directly what people would like to find and see after searching phrase. Think about what has value and what people would like to see. Add specific pages that will be the most valuable for your customers to your sitelinks.

8. Annual survey

Year to year Google sends organizations a survey which you have to fill in with your ID. In other cases, they won’t be able to capture submission successfully. You are obligated to send them the survey to continue using your ads account.

If you want to read more about Google for Nonprofits account go to our post about creating an account. Also, we have a post about designing a website with SEO rules. Go check them 🙂

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