Google for Nonprofits: 5 tips for designing a website

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Google Ads won’t be enough to gain new customers if your page would look bad or be badly optimized. The website has to encourage and proving your professionalism, it should be customer-friendly and easy to navigate. Look what interesting tips we prepare for you. During waiting for approval from Google Nonprofits here is what you can improve on your site. 

Google Nonprofits, Google Ads, Google Ad Grants, website, page, site, UI Design

Important information at the top of page

Reorganize your page to make sure that the most important information is easy to see and your clients find exactly what they are looking for. Use UI Designer’s help if you don’t know what features are the most important.

Eye-cathing features

Photos, videos, gifs or nice graphics look good and we like to watch them, but often they are bugging your page. Too many graphics make your page slower and reduce your chance for new clients. So make sure that they don’t have too many MBs. Your page has to load fast with all the pictures you have on it. Often many clients left sites when it takes them too long to load and upload all information/media. 

⅔ peoples are using smartphones to surf on the Internet

You should think about mobile devices because from year to year, more and more people are using them. Your website has to automatically match up with the user’s devices. Think about how bad page looks when it is too big or too small for the screen. Searching on this is horrible and visitors will leave the page like this very soon. You lose many clients if you won’t adjust your site to this. 

Think also about loading speed, it is as important as a suit to different implements. Here you can check how long your page takes to load and show on the phone’s screen: 


Short and catchy headlines help you to encourage your new clients to stay longer on-page. Maybe even read articles or all the information that you have on it. Information should be short and easy to see, for eg. bullets attract attentions and the user can see what you offer him/she or what information he/she can finds. Remember to add at the end of the text catchy and strong call to action. You have to “say” your clients what they should do after. 

Open to your customers

Building trust and loyalty is the hardest thing you do, but it’s also the most important. During this, you make an attachment and hard to break loyal. Read and answer to all the comments you had. Always be polite and share good energy. Show potential customers that you’re a professional and transparency in what you do.

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