Google Summer of Code starts! Let the coding begin

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2 weeks ago on 7th June 2021, when the students hadn’t known what they’d signed to, the Google Summer of Code officially has started. The program every year gathered about 200 organizations and thousand of students. This time they have 10 weeks to accomplish the projects and fulfil the frame. In previous years, students had 12 or even 14 weeks for their work, but also projects were bigger than this time. So even there is less time to work, the projects include fewer issues with which students have to face up.

But first a blog!

One of the program requirements is that students have to set up or use their old blog to post there articles, posts about work in Google Summer of Code. Every student during the community bonding or just before the period of coding has to meet that rule. As we’re observing the struggles of OpenMRS’ students, we would like to present a few of them.

Medhavi Srivastava set up her blog on Medium (it’s a space where you can start your blog) and she has already written a 3 post! Wow! That’s great reading how women become part of big developing projects in a world that a few years ago was reserved only for man. That’s a link for her blog:

The next one is Saurabh Kumar who continues his blog on Medium after taking part in Google Summer of Docs also in OpenMRS. We love to see that students come back to us after programs, their journeys with open sources, and they already feel a part of the community. Because we start the 3rd week, Saurabh also wrote 3 articles connected to GSOC, OpenMRS and his project.

Heshan Andrews from Colombo has experience in blogging. His blog: has not only articles connected with his studies, work, just the IT world but also followers who regularly read his posts! Heshan has actively written articles for a year, so we might say that now he’s a blogger. Look at his posts, they’re really interesting.

Barłomiej Rasztabiga is from Warsaw, Poland. He studies at Technical University in Warsaw and is the only participant from Poland and one of the few who ever takes part in GSOC. His blog ( is actually a website about him, his projects and contact, so you can hire him easily. Interesting is his experience with Google Code-in 2017 ( when he started contributing to open-source organizations.

Ankit Kumar describes his work in the Google Summer of Code program under that link: He’s an ambitious guy and looking at articles even tried his skills in blogging. Great that he came back to that.

Nsereko Joshua is another ambitious guy who is searching for his dream job. I hope that participation in GSOC under the wings of OpenMRS helps him gather crucial experience and will be helpful in the future. Below his posts, Joshua wrote a short biography about himself and why he chose to code. Worth seeing!

Piumal Rathnayake had a debut in a coding magazine “Level up Coding” – one of his article about JPA and SpringBoot was published there. If you are interested in what Piumal wrote about backend programming, you can read that article on his blog ( On his website, he has articles about current GSOC but also posts about his struggles in coding, how he solved the problems. Actually, it’s a nice case to read for everybody.

Kate Belson is another woman who is a great programmer and do amazing work in IT world. She studies in England and studies computer science. As a woman, I even strongly keep fingers for her and for every girl who decides to try their hands in a field that is not a woman-side or reserved for us.

Let’s code

Students have 7 more weeks to end their projects. They’re working hard to get a stipend from Google and achieve the goal, which will be a huge success for themselves but also for OpenMRS. We keep fingers crossed for everybody and of course we want to see them in the community after the program ends.

If you want to be on time with their posts and articles, you can track this topic on OpenMRS Talk: or go to where you’ll find fresh posts but also previous ones from lasts year editions. We also encourage you to read our articles about Google Summer of Code.

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