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Google 14 years ago has created a program which was actually an internship for students from the whole world. The internship hasn’t take place in Google but in open-source organizations which have register into the program earlier. The internship every year gathers more and more students but also organizations that create special projects for Google Summer of Code students. Many organizations create new projects to make their organization more interesting for students. But GSOC is also time when holders can use students’ work to projects which are too time consuming. The Internship lasts for 10 summer weeks during that students have a month to get know with their organization, start working on chosen project and make a summary after the program. For sure it’s a big adventure for both sides!

The program just has ended the phase of receiving the organizations’ application (19th February) and now is time for students. They have to find the best organization and project which is the most suitable and interesting for them. It won’t be easy because there is a lot of organizations and even more, more exciting projects in them.

One of the organizations that take part in GSOC is OpenMRS

google summer of code

If you want to take part in GSOC it’s the high time to start preparing your application and looking for organization. Here you find how you can register into GSOC:

Before you put your application you should read this. It helps you write complete and correct application so you wouldn’t worry about the results.

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