Helping Ukraine with Operation White Stork


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We’re proud to announce that we’re starting a collaboration with Operation White Stork! We’ll be helping them with social media management. It’s a great honor to become partners with such a noble organization.

About Operation White Stork

Operation White Stork is an American charitable organization focused on helping people affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. They provide front line workers with first aid kits, organize evacuations and repatriations, supply hospitals and conduct tactical combat casualty care (TCCC) training. Operation White Stork’s mission is to bring effective humanitarian aid to the end users, so that it reaches those who actually need it. They’re operating quickly, responding to demand signals from Ukraine as soon as possible.

Since the beginning of the invasion Operation White Stork has evacuated 37,829 people and 1,437 pets. 20,743 first aid kits have been delivered to the end users on front lines and in hospitals. 

About our collaboration

Our collaboration with Operation White Stork started thanks to Tech to the Rescue. As a non-profit organization, as well as Ukraine’s neighbors, we wanted to use our skills and resources to help people affected by the war. We searched for digital initiatives that we could engage in and contribute to.

We examined projects available as a part of the #TechforUkraine campaign, and chose the one submitted by Operation White Stork. Tech to the Rescue kindly arranged a meeting for us to get to know each other and to discuss the project. 

After exchanging our needs and expectations, we have decided to work together on Operation White Stork’s social media strategy. The organization uses various social media platforms, but has trouble with creating differentiated content for each one of them. We declared to help them with this aspect, so that they can focus more energy on the actual humanitarian operations.

Support Operation White Stork

If you want to support Operation White Stork in their mission, every help will be greatly appreciated. Visit their website to find ways in which you can donate or volunteer: Operation White Stork

Each one of us can make a difference. Let’s join our forces in these challenging times and don’t stay indifferent to injustice and suffering. You can get inspired by these great projects: Helping Ukraine – How Technology Comes To The Rescue.

May the white storks fly freely over the independent lands of Ukraine!

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