How programmers change the world? SolDevelo in action


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Take a look at programmers from SolDevelo point of view and why they have created Foundation.

As an IT company specialising in creating innovative solutions, we never miss a chance to help people through technology. That is mainly the reason why we started the Social Impact Foundation. The company aims at improving the quality of life of poor communities and want to do it by connecting the world of IT with marketing, public relations and community building.

The human aspect in a code

From the very beginning, our company takes an active part in developing important initiatives: Open Source and Social Impact. Putting a human aspect into a code – that’s what we are interested in! our clients include numerous organizations and foundations that directly help residents of developing countries. SolDevelo participates in e.g. the Mifos project, initiated by the Grameen Foundation, which helps to solve problems in the field of information flow in the microfinance industry. Mifos is a platform designed to facilitate access to microfinance services in poor societies.

There is also Motech, an initiative aimed at using technology to increase the quality and popularity of healthcare in rural areas in the poorer regions of the world. One of the goals of this project is to offer a set of services available through simple mobile phones. In this way, for example, pregnant women receive access to the most essential health information and are encouraged to contact local health care services providers.

Another example of our pro bono activities is Electronic Medical Record System “OpenMRS”. It is an Open Source project allowing more people in third world countries to have access to healthcare, especially in terms of diagnosis or test results. OpenMRS helps over 9 million people all over the world – both patients and doctors. The main idea behind this project is providing a useful application that can be downloaded for free by any healthcare institution and adapted to their own particular needs.

How commercial platforms help

TaroWorks, on the other hand, is an application based on the Salesforce platform. It is an offline mobile data collection and field operations management solution that empowers users with a two-way data flow. In simple words, it enables collecting and sending data in the field with the use of a mobile device. The data goes to the server and can be monitored in real-time. For example, you can run analyses and create reports to monitor progress. A manager on the Salesforce platform can create new tasks that the mobile employee automatically downloads. This allows to see data in real-time and to provide faster solutions for customers.

We believe that people can work their way out of poverty if they are provided with opportunities and tools that are designed with them and their unique needs in mind. And this, consequently, has the power to improve their lives in a meaningful way. All of our activities and services are dedicated to this mission.

This post was based on the article about SolDevelo’s social impact activities published on the portal Trojmiasto pl. Link to the article you find here.

We hope you like the article and learn a little bit more about our Founder and main sponsor. On their website, you’ll find case studies from the action and more stories like these.

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