How to breathe a new life into your blog: a case study of blog maintenance


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Writing a blog is a great way to enrich your website with interesting and useful content. Properly written and advertised articles are what attracts and engages users, and might potentially make them want to buy your product, use your service, or become your partner, depending on what type of activity you are promoting. However, even the most interesting blogs can become a little… messy over time. Older articles may stop being relevant, and some ads may require fixing. It is important to take care of your blog maintenance, and keep it clear and professional, in order for it to be attractive and useful to your readers.

Clearing up the contents of your blog requires time, effort and a plan. We invested all of these things into a project of moving non-profit case studies from SolDevelo’s website to SolDevelo Foundation’s website. In this article you will learn how we have done it and what was the outcome.

The Case

blog maintenance

Our Foundation was created by SolDevelo – an IT company focused on delivering high-tech solutions to the problems of the modern world. In spite of being a commercial company, SolDevelo has always been actively involved in non-profit projects that make a good social impact and bring help to the people who need it. Throughout the years many case studies about these projects have been written and published on SolDevelo’s blog. These articles contained many great stories and useful, real-life examples of SolDevelo’s charitable work. However, with the development of SolDevelo Foundation and its new website, it became more natural for non-profit case studies to be published on Foundation’s blog. Due to that reason, a big project of moving the articles has begun.

The Challenge

blog maintenance

Phase 1: Preparations

Our first step was to create a spreadsheet where all of the key non-profit case studies information would be gathered. We have searched through SolDevelo’s blog and selected relevant articles. Then we placed them in our spreadsheet, including topics, related initiatives, and links.

Phase 2: Prioritizing

After gathering all of the articles in one place, we have investigated their popularity, and then sorted them by the number of reads. The least successful articles were placed at the top of our list, and the most read ones at the bottom. We have decided to move three articles every two weeks (which equals one Sprint).

Phase 3: Rewriting

Starting from the least popular articles, we read each one of them, investigating their contents, relevance, language, and overall reading experience. Many articles required significant changes. Some of them were written poorly and needed to be corrected. Others contained information that was no longer relevant, and had to be updated. There were also cases where a few articles discussed the same topic and could be merged into one, more informative text. We systematically worked on reviewing and rewriting each case study, and then publishing them at our Foundation’s blog.

Phase 4: Google Ads

Newly published articles required new advertisement, and so we chose keywords and created ads for each one of them.

Phase 5: Redirecting

Once the case studies were rewritten, published on our blog and properly advertised, we started the last phase of our project – redirecting. Guided by our spreadsheet, we went through all of the posts on SolDevelo’s blog, and redirected them to the corresponding posts on Foundation’s blog.

That is how the process of clearing and moving content was completed.

The Result

blog maintenance

We have completed our project successfully. All of the non-profit case studies were rewritten and moved from SolDevelo’s blog to SolDevelo Foundation’s blog. The value that these case studies hold is now restored and polished. Articles are neatly organized and easy to find. Foundation’s blog gained many interesting and relevant materials, whereas SolDevelo’s blog is no longer littered with poorly written content.

We have started with a number of 34 articles included in the project. At the finishing point we have 24 new case studies published on Foundation’s blog. Some of the articles were merged together, others did not have enough valuable information for them to be rewritten and stay relevant. We carefully examined each case and made decisions in the best interest of both SolDevelo’s and Foundation’s blog. 

As a result, 6 of our rewritten articles are in the top 50 texts on our blog, and one of them is continuously in the top 10. From SolDevelo’s perspective it was a project beneficial for their website, as it has improved the clarity of the company’s commercial offer.

Thanks to this project not only have we organized and improved our and SolDevelo’s resources, but we have also gained experience in blog management and content clearing that we can use in the future initiatives.

Breathe a new life into your blog!

blog maintenance

Does your blog need a renovation? We can organize its contents, rewrite articles, create new ads, new graphics, and more. If you need our help, do not hesitate to contact us! We will be more than happy to put our skills into practice and make your blog thrive. 

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