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Have you ever seen so beautiful infographics on different websites? You probably thought that they were created by a graphic designer or professional. But the truth is different. It’s not so hard to create similar materials for your organization. You can do it by yourself and with some time achieve the same level as theirs. You only need some time, idea and a little bit of creativity. We want to show you some sites which for sure help you in creating beautiful content and inspire you.

Comparison of sites to create good infographics in a few seconds

What is the best way to attract attention to many users on the Internet? You have to create nice looking and well reading/watching graphics. Sounds not easy, but if you try to make these by infographics, it will work for sure. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. With some time you will be creating better and better pictures. Also, if you don’t try you won’t know how good you are at it. Here are four platforms that will allow your organization to create educational materials at a whole new level

Infographics are currently one of the most popular methods for transmitting content on the Internet. No wonder – they allow you to quickly familiarize yourself with the information. In addition, they look very attractive. Non-governmental organizations can also easily use this method to promote their projects. It’s also a great way to inform your visitors about your goals, achievements, funds etc. Thanks to various free graphics platforms, we can easily create a very nice and effective infographic. No outside graphics and additional costs.

We’ve created all our infographics thanks to Canva – it’s time for you to make the world non-profit organizations shine new.

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