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OpenMRS is an open-source Medical Record System. It serves as a replacement for traditional, paper records, improving the workflow inside of a healthcare facility, as well as the quality of diagnosis and treatments. In result, it enables medical workers to successfully treat even more people and save even more lives.

OpenMRS is already helping 15.8 million active patients in 6,745 healthcare facilities reaching 40 countries around the world. These numbers are, of course, impressive. However, if we think of it on a bigger scale, there are still thousands of clinics and hospitals in Africa, South Asia or Central and South America that can’t use OpenMRS due to various challenges connected to implementation.

Usually, these challenges are the technical ones. Low internet connection and low-quality infrastructure are just some of the many obstacles that are standing in the way. Another problem is that of space. In order to self-host OpenMRS, a separate server room is needed. Not every facility can afford that. Server room must be also regularly maintained, to make sure that everything works properly. 

Self-implementation of OpenMRS also requires a lot of time and knowledge. It is easy to get lost underneath an avalanche of information and get stuck in there. It can be hard to install OpenMRS properly, without previous experience. And not every health facility can afford hiring a specialist to handle the implementation for them.

In order to solve these problems and help even more people benefit from using OpenMRS, SolDevelo Foundation came up with a new solution – EMRSCloud. It is a platform created to help new OpenMRS users, by hosting it on a safe and stable server.

We invite you to read this article and learn more details about the benefits of both OpenMRS and EMRSCloud.

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How does OpenMRS help people?

As mentioned above, OpenMRS is an EMR (Electronic Medical Record) system. Its primary function is to enable medical workers recording patients’ medical history in an electronic form, instead of a paper one. This, however, is just the basis of a vast and diverse platform, consisting of many different modules that can facilitate a lot of processes inside of a hospital or a clinic.

OpenMRS can assist health workers with:

  • Gathering patients’ data in one place;
  • Keeping the data safe from natural disasters;
  • Managing the data and modifying it according to situation; 
  • Collecting each patient’s clinical history with notes, prescribed medicines and diagnoses;
  • Finding needed information quickly;
  • Communicating between health workers in institution;
  • Communicating between health worker and patient;
  • Managing patients’ visits;
  • Creating ID cards and personal profiles for patients.

These are just a few examples of OpenMRS’ functionalities. There are many more specialistic features that can be installed according to the client’s needs.

What is EMRSCloud?

EMRSCloud is a service created by SolDevelo Foundation that offers cloud hosting of OpenMRS. Providing new implementers with a stable and safe server solves many problems that up until now stopped them from installing OpenMRS, such as:

  • Low internet connection;
  • Low quality of infrastructure;
  • Not enough money;
  • Not enough space;
  • Not enough time;
  • Not enough knowledge;
  • Lack of access to professional, technical help.

How does EMRSCloud work?

In order to enable more people to use OpenMRS, EMRSCloud offers a complex implementation service. We will provide you with our server, our skills and our knowledge, to assist you in the process of installing OpenMRS in your facility.

EMRSCloud offers:

  • Cloud hosting of OpenMRS;
  • Fast internet connection;
  • Big data storage;
  • Sensitive data protection;
  • Consultation on what modules and functionalities are needed for specific client;
  • Implementation of OpenMRS;
  • Configuration and maintenance of the server;
  • Supporting the client throughout the installation process and afterwards.

Why is it easier with EMRSCloud?

Implementing OpenMRS by yourself is possible, but complicated and time-consuming. On the contrary, EMRSCloud will do everything for you. We will take care of the whole process by configuring the server, helping in product selection and installing the latest version of OpenMRS.

Moreover, setting up and maintaining your own server room is a lot more expensive than using our cloud hosting. With EMRSCloud you pay only for the perseverance of the server and protection of the data. The more clients we get, the lower this price will be. 

Our goal is to minimize resources needed for OpenMRS’ implementation, so that more people around the world can gain access to it. We believe that this way many lives can be saved and many illnesses can be treated faster.

How to become an EMRSCloud client?

If you consider our new service useful and want to become an EMRSCloud client, we invite you to our website: EMRSCloud for more detailed information. You will find there descriptions of specific OpenMRS’ features, as well as case studies from past implementations.

You can also contact us via email, should you have any additional questions.

Everyone has a right to professional medical help. We hope that EMRSCloud will contribute to the development of healthcare systems even in the most undeserved and remote parts of the world.

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