Pandemic Situation: Non-profit Organizations’ Response


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It’s been almost 2 years since the global pandemic hit the world and changed our lives as we knew it. Dealing with this universal crisis took an enormous amount of common effort. But even now, after so many months of fighting, there still are places in the world that suffer from the lack of vaccines, treatments and diagnostics. At the same time, new variants of COVID-19 keep on appearing, causing even more damage to global health.

Partners in Health’s Statement


Partners in Health, a non-profit healthcare organization focused on battling with social injustice, voiced their strong opinion on the matter.

According to PIH, the ones responsible for the ongoing pandemic are the leaders of highly developed countries. Their tardiness of decisions and actions, and insufficient material input in this global crisis are resulting in impoverished nations being left on their own with the problem that is by far outweighing capabilities of local healthcare systems. Even more concerning and disappointing is the fact that some of the world leaders try to put the blame on these local healthcare systems that are struggling to handle the situation, when they should lend them a helping hand instead.

As an organization that deals with healthcare in the poorest countries and knows the realities and capabilities of these parts of the world, PIH has been raising an alarm from the very beginning of COVID-19 global pandemic. Communities troubled by poverty and other diseases, like malnutrition, HIV, and tuberculosis are the most vulnerable and exposed to the new dangerous virus and its variants. Awareness of this fact should serve as a motivation to take special care of their needs and insufficiencies, prioritizing protection of the weakest. 

This however, according to PIH, did not happen. The world leaders still aren’t rising to the challenge, causing even further suffering and death of countless individuals that should have been vaccinated and treated, but weren’t given such a chance on time.

Since the very beginning of the pandemic PIH has been actively responding to the global crisis and using all of their valuable experience to effectively fight the outbreak of the infectious disease. 

Their statement is clear. It’s our mission and our obligation as human beings, to do whatever we possibly can in order to stop the virus from spreading and mutating. 

Non-profits for Global Health

PIH’s not the only organization that is using its strengths to put an end to the pandemic. For the past 2 years countless non-profits have been working on new solutions, bringing their skills and resources together and delivering healthcare services, funding medical supplies, sharing important information and guidelines, creating digital tools and databases, and many more.

Here is a list of NGOs actions in response to the pandemic: COVID-19 Pandemic: List of Nonprofits, Funds & Resources.

Shared Responsibility

As for now, the global pandemic doesn’t seem to be coming to an end anytime soon. New variants, like Omicron, are yet another big challenge for global health. But instead of looking only at the large scale, we need to focus our attention on the local problems of impoverished communities. The inequity of the capabilities of healthcare systems across the globe has never been more visible than right now. 

From a moral point of view, it’s outrageous and disappointing that even in our highly-developed civilization of the 21st century, people still are not equal when it comes to such fundamental rights, like a right to receive medical care. From a practical point of view, it’s simply dangerous. New variants of COVID-19 are getting more and more contagious. If we don’t double our efforts in helping communities that are in need, the pandemic will take even more lives.

Remember – no one is safe until everyone’s safe. And it’s our responsibility to save every single life that we possibly can. Organizations like Partners in Health are joining their efforts to help the whole humanity heal, equally and without any exceptions.

Let’s learn from this inspiring message and show our support. Together we can put the end to this global pandemic of inequity.

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