Website Redesign: OpenMRS Implementer’s Conference 2021


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OpenMRS Virtual Implementers Conference on which we talked about the end of the website redesign. It was a big challenge in terms of organization, but fortunately thanks to the experience from previous years, in particular from 2020, when the conference was held remotely for the first time, everything went well. We’ve asked the community about their opinion and luckily we’re gathering really good feedback from the participants from the whole world. We’re very happy they’ve enjoyed it and spent a nice time with the community.

During the conference was helded many great presentations with interesting topics for specific groups and all of the participants. More about sessions and the whole conference you can read in a seperate post on our blog.

Squad Showcase: Website Redesign

Is a one from 4 sessions organized for the community so they could learn more about the projects and what is going on in the community. Squad Showcase is a  5-10 minute slot to show & tell presentations that focus on 1-2 of your most significant achievements and your three top priorities for 2022. I’ve represented a squad calles Website Redesign and it was born at the beginning of 2020 when Jennifer called me and offer being a part of the team.

During session I presented the progress we had made in development of our website – new OpenMRS website. In summary our work has started 2 years ago and since that time we had to organize the IA in a new, better way, prepare the content for every seperate page and section to give it a fresh and clean look. It took us a half of the year. The rest of the year we spent on looking for role models in websites, finding good and bad example to finally found the best theme and layout for us.

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