Population Council: Development Through Research


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Every community deserves access to basic health care and social development opportunities. Still, there are places around the world that suffer from major shortages. The lack of resources is not the only obstacle these communities are facing. In many cases, scientific research is also a necessity. It provides a foundation for development. But it is expensive. 

In this article we will introduce you to a case study from our collaboration with the Population Council – a nonprofit organization that conducts research in places where it is needed the most. 

Population Council


The Population Council conducts research in biomedicine, social science, and public health with the aim to address critical health and development issues. Their work allows couples to plan their families and change their future. They help people avoid HIV infection and access life-saving HIV services. They also empower girls to protect themselves and have a say in their own lives. The Population Council is giving voice and visibility to the world’s most vulnerable people. They increase awareness of the problems these people face and offer evidence-based solutions.

How we could help

The client’s Intranet was outdated and not user-friendly. Articles were static, without CMS integration. It was difficult to manage and revise files and articles.

What we did

We built an internal Intranet based on Drupal. It has a content hierarchy and advanced user roles for accessing the content. The website is fully optimized, with a modern layout and best practices in UI/UX. We provided layout templates and built the site in a full cycle of software development.

What was the result

New version of Intranet is easier to use and maintain. Users integrated with Windows Active Directory can create a useful database of articles, with management of files and revisions. The moderator role enables one to check the articles before they are published. It is easier to update articles and files.

Technologies used

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