Review of Google Summer of Code: 2 weeks to the end


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Google Summer of Code is ending and nothing can stop it. Students have only a few weeks to end their projects, close tasks and finalize the commitment. In the previous weeks, they had a lot of problems with the code, there was also some big bugs that have stopped them for a while, but in the end, everything went well and everyone was satisfied.

That time wasn’t good for the community, too. Unfortunately, they had to face some really tragic information. One of the longest members of the community, one of the GSOC mentors, has suddenly died. It was shocking for all of us, as Joseph was loved by many of us and always ready to help everyone. If you want to write something for Joseph or just read the community’s memories us these links: link1 and link2.


Clock is clicking

Let’s focus on tasks that Google Summer of Code’s students had taken last 2 weeks. There was a lot of problems, some bugs and delays because of Joseph’s death. However, some moved things smoothly, while others stuck with their job. They have only 2 more weeks to end their tasks and the whole project. They don’t have a lot of time for some additional changes and issues. Hope everyone ends their project successfully and can spend the rest of the holidays in a nice place.

Kate was thrown at the deep end just at the beginning of the week.

After all, she survived that situation, but she has a tough time in her project.

Things went better in Ankit’s project.

This week we achieved our two main milestone i.e. Dockerized our complete project and support of session end when logout. Docker was new to me, and I believe this a good technology to learn. We started working on our new SMART App.

Bartłomiej finally could focus on some coding tasks, as all he did previously were connected with documentation. The next weeks will be exciting for him.

However, Joshua stepped in a new week with some good news!

But of course, something had to collapse, and it was CSS code…

One of the worst blockers I faced here was, CSS failing to load. Actually, it took me 4 full hours to troubleshoot why CSS was not loading. The solution was just adding the CSS file I edited into the login page. This left me with some questions, wondering how pre-found CSS was being loaded.

We can’t include students’ problems, so just go to their blogs and read their own articles. You can learn a lot from them 🙂

If you want to know more about Google Internship, you can look here.

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