OpenMRS Virtual Conference: The second edition


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OpenMRS every year organizes conferences for its implementers, members, volunteers and for everybody who wants to join them. Before the epidemic, the conference was held in one of the implementers’ countries like Mozambique, Kenya, Tanzania etc. but when the coronavirus has become a real threat, the conference has moved to the Internet. 2020 was the first year when the conference was virtual, and it actually went really well. Everybody was happy to hear others, but on the other hand, they missed personal contact, eye contact and group dinners.

This year is not different from the previous one. The conference is still held on the Internet and everybody will see each other on their computer.

OMRS21 Hackathon

Hackathon was a tradition of Implementers Conference. Every year it was a 2-3 days event only for developers to code, meet and spend time together. Last year was different because of covid and different structure of the conference. But this year it has come back and organizations are looking for ideas and topics. Under this post, you can read more about it and book your time! For now, people propose a few different topics for Hackathon Learning Labs:

  1. OHRI program  package development
  2. Frontend Architecture Model: Using Slots & Extension
  3. Intro to Frontend Architecture
  4. UX Design
  5. Get Ready with 3.0 Technologies

Which one do you choose? Add your suggestions or leave your comment on the Talk:

OMRS21 Lighting Talks

Lighting Talk is a 5-minute slot for everybody who wants to present something. Implementers can present their clinics and how OpenMRS works there. Others present their work on the code, new distribution or whatever they want to show connected with this open-source. That’s a great time to show something that you are proud of. There are a lot of people who are truly interested in OpenMRS and for sure they’ll give you some support and kind words.

Paweł Gesek is a Senior Developer in SolDevelo. During his work in SD, he has taken part in a lot of big projects for our Partners around the world. He has knowledge, experience and is a great leader. Paweł was also a Leader from the SolDevelo site in the project called Connect for Life which we described some time ago. He will be presenting with the J&J representative team’s work during OMRS21 Conference. We don’t know yet when exactly will be Pawel’s presentation, but we promise to let you know about that.

More information about the OMRS21 Implementers Conference is on its website: The direct registration link is here:

We come back with some more news, but for now keep in touch!

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